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Malifaux: Dead Man's Hand - Seattle - Oct 22/23


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(Cross-posted from the Malifaux forum)


I'm excited to announce our first 2-day Malifaux tournament! Green Lake Games in conjunction with St Andrew's Pub will be hosting a two day, 5 round tournament in Seattle on October 22nd and 23rd. Key data is below. Prize support includes play mats from Sparkle Party Death Mats, mystery boxes and limited editions from Wyrd and more! Guild scrip will be given to the best placed after victory points, as well as best painted as voted by the participants.


As this is the first 5-round tournament in the Seattle area (as far as I'm aware - apologies if I'm wrong!) I want to make things a little easier so the round time is increased, and schemes are available ahead of time to help ease the crew selection process.



  • 50 Soulstones, single faction, 32 players maximum
  • Gaining Grounds 2016 schemes (full breakdown below)
  • All crews must be fully painted, 3-color minimum
  • 2 hours per round
  • Doors open at high noon on October 22nd, Round 1 begins 1pm
  • $30 entry fee - $25 if paid before October 1!
  • Tickets available via Eventbrite, or you can pay at the door if there are any spots left!


  • R1 (1pm - 3pm): Collect the Bounty, Standard
    • Hunting Party (Crows.png)
    • Exhaust Their Forces (Masks.png)
    • Catch And Release (4)
    • Frame For Murder (5)
    • Convict Labor (Always)
  • R2 (3:30pm - 5:30pm): Interference, Flank
    • Show Of Force (Rams.png)
    • Hunting Party (Crows.png)
    • A Quick Murder (12)
    • Public Demonstration (10)
    • Convict Labor (Always)
  • 5:30 - 7pm: Paint voting and dinner (food available on-site, as well as several local eateries in walking distance)
  • R3 (7pm - 9pm): Stake A Claim, Corner
    • Take Prisoner (Doubles)
    • Leave Your Mark (Tomes.png)
    • Search The Ruins (8)
    • Mark For Death (9)
    • Convict Labor (Always)
  • R4 (12:15pm-2:15pm): Reconnoiter, Standard
    • Show Of Force (Rams.png)
    • Leave Your Mark (Tomes.png)
    • Detonate The Charges (6)
    • Neutralize The Leader (3)
    • Convict Labor (Always)
  • R5 (2:30pm-4:30pm): Squatter's Rights, Corner
    • Hunting Party (Crows.png)
    • Exhaust Their Forces (Masks.png)
    • Take Prisoner (Doubles)
    • Covert Breakthrough (1)
    • Convict Labor (Always)
  • 4:30pm-5pm: Prizes, announcements and close



St. Andrews Bar and Grill - private annex (all ages). The venue is just opposite Green Lake Games, on Aurora Ave N, Seattle (map).




We have three sponsors so far, who have graciously donated prize support to be given out randomly as part of the event. They are:


  • Green Lake Games (Malifaux models / gift certificates)
  • Miner Creations (laser cut goodies)
  • Sparkle Party Death Mats (Malifaux gaming mats)

In addition, I'll be spending all my hard-earned Henchman soulstones to bring a full 32-person prize pack to the event, along with whatever else I have. That means Guilders for those who place highly, plus a bunch of mystery boxes and limited edition stat cards.

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