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Rumors of new Starter boxes


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ZeroMoon17 tipped me off on Thursday.


Seems like a good idea for an X-mas present...to recruit new players


Also looks like a grognard can start a new army,

... or expand an existing one, or ...

...talk someone into buying an X-mas present starter box to bring a new player over to the dark side...


From the BF forum:


Forums > Flames Of War News > Product Discussion
Late Late War Clearance?

BF WWII LW Army Starter Boxes

Estimated price: ? around $100.00 ? (guestimate)

Rommel’s Wolves
Limited Edition, all plastic
Includes 1x Desperate Measures army book and 1x Mini Rulebook for FREE
3 x Jagdpanthers
1 PzGren PLT (7 tms + 4 halftracks)
7 x Panthers

Patton’s Eagles
Includes 1x Bridge at Remagen army book and 1x Mini Rulebook for FREE
Limited Edition, all plastic
1 Armd Rfl PLT
3 x M26 Pershings
5 x M4A3 76 mm Shermans

Stalin’s Bears
Limited Edition, all plastic
Includes 1x Berlin army book and 1x Mini Rulebook for FREE
3 x ISU-122 Hvy Assault Guns
4 x T-34/85 obr 1944 Med Tanks
6 x IS-2 Hvy Tanks

Monty’s Hounds
Includes 1x Nachtjäger army book and 1x Mini Rulebook for FREE
Limited Edition, all plastic
1 x Motor Rfl PLT
7 x Comet Tanks


Checking my back channel for "official" news.

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