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Hello Ordo! So after much thought, and still a little planning ahead, I've been able to talk with Adam from Geeks and Games and come up with a nifty 3 month gaming plan. Here is a rough outline:


Week 1-3: Kill Team events on Saturdays ($5)

Week 5-7: Escalation events on Saturdays ($5) (500, 1000, 1500)

Weekend of Week 9: ($35-40) 1 day, ITC RTT tourney. 1850 points.

Looking to start this December 3rd!!


These events would allow the new, newer, and veteran player to join, play, learn, and compete.

Each event would give points to help with an overall score at the end tournament so if you did really well with Kill Team and some one only showed for the end RTT then you might still have a chance for an overall win!

I will be reaching out to a few of the bigger names on Ordo for idea/help/participation and hope a lot of you can come show support to an amazing new store in our community and for us by trying this HoG for the first time!

Please feel free to PM me ideas or questions. Thank you for your time.


Admins: Please place this post where it needs to be as I don't have exact dates yet.

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