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SURVEY - More FoW events days, locations and TY - which day


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Trying to set dates and locations for a calendar for 2017.


For the NW Oregon/PDX crowd, we will keep our standing reservation for FoW Thursday evenings at GG (Guardian Games) in PDX (6-10 PM).

However, some people cannot make that day or location due to traffic, work or other commitments.


Also, there is a growing demand for Team Yankee. I would prefer to have FoW and TY events on different days, since some people want to play both


So in an effort to provide more events and opportunities, please ponder questions A & B, below, and post answers to questions 1-7.


A. Is there a demand for another regular day of the week/month?


B. Is there a demand for another regular location? 

  • Note that there are only 2 locations I know of that have suitable 15mm scale terrain in the store: GG and OCGG (see end of this post). If you choose a different location, then likely one or more players must provide the terrain.


1. How often do you plan to play FoW in 2017?:

a. Weekly

b. Bi-weekly

c. Monthly

d. Mostly tournaments or special events


2. How often do you plan to play Team Yankee in 2017?:

a. Weekly

b. Bi-weekly

c. Monthly

d. Mostly tournaments or special events


3. Is there a day of the week that works best for you (include comment on whether that day is for FoW, TY, or either)?

a. Sunday

b. Monday

c. Tuesday

d. Wednesday

e. Thursday

f.  Friday

g. Saturday


4. If you prefer a weekend, then which time slot would you want:

a. late morning/early afternoon 11AM-3 PM or 12-4 PM

b. late afternoon/early evening 4-8 PM

- - NOTE: start and end time might be limited by the hours of the location you choose. If you prefer a particular FLGS, then check their hours before answering this question.


5. If the regular event was monthly, which week of the month would you want?

a. Any week is fine

b. 1st

c. 2nd

d. 3rd

e. 4th


6. What are your preferred locations?

  • List up to 3, in order of preference


7. Are there other Battlefront/GF9 games you are playing or would like to play?

  • List up to 3, in order of preference



For SE Portland, Gresham, Oregon City and Salem players, there is a new game Store that is run by a former FoW player, and is wargame-friendly:

OCGG: Oregon City Geeks and Games
1656 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 650-5008


A couple of our regular FoW gaming guys put on events there on Tuesday evenings.

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