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Space Marines for sale.


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I have a Imerial fist themed army I need to sell. I tried to sell this a while back but it fell through. its pretty much all unprimed. its 50% assembled and the parts assembled are mostly magnetized. I'll be willing to break it up if I get a reasonable offer. 


64-space marines. broken up into bolter/heavy/special weapons. enough make 6 quads with whatever loadout you want
20-devestators most are magnetized
15-Sternguard. 10 assembled with combi weapons, 5 still on sprue.
10-vanguard vets. Most with dual claws
15- assault marines. 10 assembled, 5 on sprue
27-terminators. 18 bolter, 4 auto cannons, 3 cyclone.
5-assault terminators
12-centurians still in box
10-scout troopers. 5 sniper still on sprue
1-command squad still in box
1-bike squad still in box
2-storm talons
1-predator/hunter. This is a hunter I added las cannon sponsons on and a pred turret. I think it looks cool with the added armor.
1-aegis defence line with quad cannon
1-custom made Garadon
1-chapter master
1-emporers champ
1-lord exicutioner
1-space marines codex
1-core rulebook

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