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Experance's with GSC


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Was wondering how people have been handling the New Genestealer Cult.


I been having really good success with playing it myself. But I am wanting to here bout how people have been beating it. I been lucky so far winning a small point GT with them and a local 1850 RTT.


I think mainly this is because they are a new army and people have not gotten use to them in the meta yet. I am a decent general and know the game fairly well but I am needing to improve my game with them.


If you haven't gotten a game in with them yet feel free to give your impressions of this unique army.




SO please talk about how you have won or loss to this New Cult in the mist of us.

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I haven't played it a lot, but I have gotten a few game in against it and against a hybrid version with Tyranid allies. The key is having enough anti-infantry, which seems obvious but it's something a lot of people forget about this edition. Armies like Tau and Renegades that pack a lot of strong guns in will usually do fairly well against it, although that is contingent on having enough bubble-wrap units to hold off their initial wave of assaults.


It's also important to know your target priority and how to shut down specific units. For example, taking out their HQs can be very clutch, especially if you can take away the morale bonuses- once they're just testing on Leadership 8/9 with no Stubborn, the army becomes a lot easier to handle and it becomes easier to wipe out individual units. Unlike a lot of forces, sniping their heavy/special weapons doesn't really work very well because they can be replaced with Into the Shadows- it's always more important to kill all the models than specific models.


GSC plays a really strong objective game so it's often hard to win the Maelstrom against them (although as they lack ObSec it's far from impossible- Battle Company can do it, as can many Daemon armies.) But if you can play an actual attrition game against them they often will go down. The Cult acts as a strong spoiler army against certain kinds of forces, but I don't think it's quite top-tier right now; it potentially has some serious issues with certain missions and matchups.


I think for the GSC player the challenge is to know what "mode" your army needs to be in. Sometimes you have to go full aggressive and push your advantages; sometimes you need to play more conservatively and wait for the endgame to pounce. Knowing when to adopt each mode is an important tool for the army, since it can potentially vary its playstyle quite a bit. I also think there's still a lot of experimentation going on with exactly how to build a Cult army, though it seems pretty clear that the Insurrection detachment is going to be the centerpiece in any case.

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