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W:Flames-of-War mid-war N. Africa 15mm mini's, H:$


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Portland area meetup, in-person transaction. Cash, no Paypal.

Max offer: $80.

Actual offer depends on quantity, type and quality.

WINDOW in which this offer is open:  1 FEB to 28 FEB, 2017*

Priority to:

  • D.A.K. Germans:
    • armored cars first: SdKfz 221/222/223, Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)
    • then - other armor [TANKS: Panzer IV F1/F2, Panzer III G/H/J/L/M/N]
    • inf, guns, trucks/wheeled

but will take:

  • MW UK Br. 8th Army: armor or guns (already have inf)
  • MW N. Africa Italians: armor, inf, guns.

Painted or primed or unpainted.

If painted, then post pics.

Priced as used.

Must be complete. I don't have a bits box to replace missing MW N. Africa pieces.


Sources: Battlefront preferred, but will consider other manufacturers (e.g., QRF, OG, PSC, Zvezda).


*We can correspond before 1 FEB, but I will not have cash to complete transaction until 1 FEB.

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