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Squad activated, retrieval signal acquired...(SW:A League Necron Battle Reports)

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  In more recent news, world renowned collector Blaire Conify was found dead in his home on the upper hive levels. Only his feet remained in his slippers. Authorities reported demolecularizing traces were detected, as if he was melted away. No other parts of his body have been recovered. The Adeptus Arbites believe Blaire's dealings with the underhive and reported underworld connections could be to blame for this suspicious death. The only thing that was reported missing appeared to be an ancient sarcophagus that was found empty in his home. Currently an investigation is underway... ***Signal lost***


---Retrieval signal received, awakening sequence activated---

  A consciousness awoken...a memory unbidden...ancient systems begin to stir. A humanoid shaped being slowly sits up from the sarcophagus like chamber that has housed it for countless millennia. More lights & activities spring to action in the room sized tomb. As this being lifts itself upright and steps onto the floor it takes notice of other sarcophagus like chambers coming to life and multiple beings sitting upright. As this being steps toward the center of the room and into the light, we noticed a strange metal skeletal frame and what appears to be zero bio-matter.

  This robot being makes way for the command console in the center of the room. On the screen he noticed an order for his squad to retrieve a vital mission parameter. The mission required recovering a retrieval beacon. As the team leader read on, he noticed the beacon was off world. This could only mean some alien race had come to this tomb & removed a member of their race. His eyes burned with severe hatred as he realized the beacon itself was none other than the Lord of their caste and he immediately jumped to action. 

  Multiple bodies stirred in the darkness and stepped into the light. These immortal beings grouped in the center of the room, each reaching for a strange glowing weapon. The leader ordered them to the center of the room, where a phase shifting device was set to teleport them to this other world and retrieve their objective.


(Pre-league match report #1 / Player: Shane (Savion47) / Mission: Kill team fight)

  Our squad of 5 immortals appeared in the center of what appeared to be an isolated outpost many levels above the beacon they seek. Immediately upon teleportation into this outpost they were engaged by elite warriors that appeared to be super-human. A marking on the walls said Grey Knights. There were 3 of these super-humans in the area and they were caught by surprise as the 5 immortals teleported into their space. The immortals opened up immediately making hits on the heavily armored beasts, one of them went down. The Knights returned fire able to drop the Immortal leader to the ground. They were surprised to see him stand back up as if ignoring the firepower he had received from these elite humans. In the end the Immortals were able to drop 2 of the 3 Grey Knights, but with 2 of their own down, they made the choice to retreat the battle and disengage (double 6's bottled out the Necrons). It seemed a victory for the Grey Knights, but the Immortals had other priorities as they captured the Grey Knight leader and planned to interrogate him for information on their mission. 


(Pre-league match report #2 / Player: Pete / Mission: Raid)

  The immortal squad was hiding out in a makeshift base of operations while interrogating the Grey Knight leader. It didn't hold out long as the lone Necron sentry was shot and fell 3 stories causing the squad to spring into action. A small team of Space Marine scouts were discovered looking for the Grey Knight leader. The Immortals engaged the scouts as they tried to raid the base and destroy the immortal hideout. The scouts were 1 wound from success when the immortals were successful in winning the battle but took 2 losses of their own during the conflict. They were able to inflict 3 losses to the scouts and make them pay dearly for their transgressions. The scouts clearly had their will broken and fled the field of battle (Scouts bottled out in the end).


(Round 1 / League match #1 report / Player: Shane (Savion47) / Mission: Hit & Run / Result: WIN)

  As the Immortals prepared to continue their mission and leave their temporary hide out, they were ambushed by the Grey Knights once more trying to recover their missing leader. With great disdain for the humans, 2 immortals laid down massive suppressing fire with the Tesla carbines, but were unable to land a single hit. The Grey Knights moved in with just 2 fighters and tried to assault the 2 immortals before reinforcements could arrive. Unfortunately for the Grey Knight leader he tripped on acid and fell off a platform where he was knocked out of action. The remaining Grey Knight was able to take one of the Tesla immortals out of action and shoot down another before being taken down himself. With the Grey Knights sensing defeat, they had to withdraw once more (Grey Knights bottled). After the Grey Knights fled, the Immortals were able to recover 2 caches of information that would help them toward their next objective & recovering their primary mission. The Immortal leader grew a permanent hatred for this Grey Knight leader, and vowed vengeance if he should ever return. As the Immortal leader was analyzing the information caches a phase shifting portal opened up and another immortal stepped through carrying additional equipment as well. Their number had bolstered to 6, and the Immortal's leader couldn't help but grin as he realized, their tomb world was awakening...


(Round 1 / League match #2 report / Player: Bryan (Evil Bryan) / Mission: Raid / Result: WIN)

  The Immortals set their sights on their first target. This was a place that the their information caches led them to. The Immortals needed to sneak into a simple human bunker and escape with information vital to the recovery of their Lord. In order to remain hidden, the Immortals only brought 4 of their finest to assault this bunker. There was only 7 visible human cultists patrolling the area. With skill & guile, the Immortals all got into excellent position and opened fire all at once trying to bust open the bunker, but were unable to score any direct hits. This caused an alarm to sound around the bunker and 2 more humans appeared behind one of the exposed immortals.  A huge amount of fire was released by the humans, but their skills proved to be little more than a nuisance to the elite & invulnerable immortals. The immortals opened fire again, and the Lone immortal who was surrounded charged head long into close combat (yes, you heard that right). This Immortal managed to win close combat and eliminate a member of the enemy squad. The remaining Immortals fired at the objective again and were able to score a direct hit. 2 more would bring it down to molten slag. The humans tried again to engage, this time moving some of their number into the line of fire, forcing the immortals to shoot at them instead of the bunker. This caused 3 more to go down and another downed enemy was removed from the battle. The leader of the humans decided to assault the lone immortal that had so ruthlessly killed 2 of their brethren and managed to eliminate him from the battle entirely. Meanwhile the remaining immortals finished off the last 2 hits on the bunker and watched it smolder. Their objective finished, they just had to retreat to their base. Phase Shifting through walls proved too much for the humans to keep up. The immortals were able to safely retreat in victory! In their escape from the field, one of their number had been captured. The squad had recovered 3 information caches, but the 3rd cache was a good distance away. They made a choice to recover the lost immortal instead and that caused the human cultists to recover an additional cache for themselves. The Necron leader was determined to make the humans pay dearly if they ever met again. Grinning in glory the squad marched lower into the hive towards their next objective and closer to the beacon.


(Round 2 / League match #3 / Player: Pete / Mission: Scavengers / Result: LOSS)

 The immortals moved on in search of more information to assist with the objective. The squad had moved down many levels in search of their target, yet none believed themselves to be nearer to objective completion. The Immortal leader had the squad spread out to begin scavenging for clues that might assist. As they moved on, they entered an area on this world that appeared strange. It had an eerie darkness to it, and the squad could feel themselves being watched, possibly hunted themselves by some monstrous beast. The Necrons spread out to try and grab the 4 information caches that had been identified in their sweep. Suddenly a shot rang out in the darkness and another battle ensued. Those human scouts had returned, this time with more veteran fighters and better equipment. The Necrons knew they had achieve those caches and made an immediate line toward the objective in the middle, while securing one early on near their starting position. The Necrons rang the first 2 casualties, dropping their sergeant and scout with some well placed shots as they had tried to cross a bridge. The center team had made it up the center building to grab the last objective, also dropping one of the enemy scouts. There only remained 2 snipers that proved very hard to deal with. The snipers continued on overwatch and the Necrons had to move through their field of fire to recover the objectives. They literally dropped 3 Necrons in the following turns denying them their second objective capture. The Necrons got into range and almost had the 3rd objective when the Necron leader decided to withdraw (necrons bottled). Gathering their wounded, they collected their 1 scavenged cache and retreated to a safer location. Sadly that cache revealed no additional information and they received only 1 cache of information for their troubles. The only thing the Immortal leader could do, was be happy the monstrous beast watching them, never engaged during the entire battle. The leader used their cache to contact the home world and an additional Immortal joined their squad. One of the squad immortals had been grievously and would not be able to assist in the next engagements until he had fully reanimated. The leader knew, it was only a matter of time before they found their target.


(Round 3 / League match #4 / Player: Chris (Steel Angel) / Mission: Ambush / Result: LOSS)

 As the Necrons waited for the regeneration of their fallen comrade, they sat perched on top of their hideout for a time, scouring the surrounding area for hostiles. They knew their last engagement had likely triggered a warning, as they had delved deeper into this hive structure. Suddenly and without warning 5 of the 6 immortals standing watch were down and all but 1 of those fell to their doom. The leader remained the only standing trooper and saw what recon reported as Skittari. Apparently they had set up the perfect ambush and at once, shot down all of the Necron Immortals in one round of shooting. Due to the severity of a high impact falls, 4 of the immortals shattered into pieces and were taken out of action immediately. The Necron leader immediately chose to withdraw (voluntary bottle) with the 1 veteran immortal still remaining. Due to the severity of their injuries 3 of the squad would be regenerating for some time (miss next game). One of the injured immediately reanimated and became stronger, he learned a new program for sustaining fire with his Gauss blaster. As most of the squad was reanimating, the leader had to use another information cache to summon another reinforcement. This critical failure to prepare for the ambush that ensued and the previous failure to complete his objective, could lead to his squad determining he is no longer fit for command. It could even come down to the determination his programming had failed or was now obsolete, which would cause his immediate termination. The worst part is for the last two encounters, his squad has gained ZERO information caches as they were needed to communicate with the tomb world. Time will tell if he will be allowed to continue his mission.


(Round 4 / League match #5 / Player: Kahn / Mission: Hit & Run / Result: WIN)

With 3 Necrons still recovering from the last abysmal defeat, the remaining 5 Necrons decided to do a small recon mission which turned into a conflict. Shortly after leaving their lair, they encountered some genestealer cultists. Those cultists were intending to destroy a promethium tank that happened to be near the Necrons objective. For some reason the cultists only brought 4 to this engagement and the rest of their team remained behind. This was a mistake that would cost them dearly. The Necrons in place for defense waited with baited breath overwatching the paths of approach. The Necrons were not able to see anything early on and it seemed they were hiding. However, the newly joined Deathmark came in afterward right behind and blasted the heavy stubber down pretty hard. The rest of the effort missed another genestealer making a break for it. Immediately following, the Deathmark assaulted and took the stubber out completely. The remaining squad got within sight and 3 immortals were able to lay out 2 more genestealers (including the leader). At this point the genestealers disengaged allowing the Necrons to seal their prize. This victory was a much needed win to assure their objectives. Having acquired 6 caches now, they returned to their lair to find the remaining squad had reanimated AND been joined by a 2nd Deathmark. Grinning with satisfaction the Necron leader thought, "Today was shaping out to be a great day."


(Round 5 / League match #6 / Player: Chad (HappyCamper) / Mission: Raid / Result: WIN)

After gathering up their resources and their squad now at 9 Necrons...they were ready to start the offensive portion of their mission. The previous caches had revealed a bunker that had information that gave away critical information about them. Time to play counter intelligence. Apparently some sort of spy network had been capturing intel on the Necron infiltration squad. The leader decided it was time to destroy that bunker. As they approached the bunker, they noticed it had already been overrun by many Orks! This must be why the information was still secret. The Necron leader decided to split his forces and as the attacker chose 5 of his best marksmen to blast that door with. This was going to be a serious challenge with so many Orks outnumbering the smaller Necron force. The Necron leader chose to setup in the corner of their engagement zone allowing him to get at least 2 nice volleys of shooting before getting. The Necrons were able to damage the door twice before being forced to shoot a nearby Ork. The Orks returned fire with a heavy bolter and eliminated a Necron as well as downing another. This was starting to get tough. Luckily the Necrons were able to score the final damage needed to secure their objective. Now to escape! 2 of the Necrons were able to run straight from the board with the 3rd hiding to get away last. Luckily all 3 made it away cleanly with the Orks still wondering what had happened to their nice secure bunker. Returning to the squad, the leader found another Deathmark had finally made their squad complete. With 10 Necrons now, they were at full assault size for their infiltration squad. The final deathmark brought with it a critical piece bringing the Necrons information caches up to 8. It was now time to begin the final piece of their objective and move towards their missing Necron Lord. Hopefully it wouldn't be too late.


(Round 6 / Couldn't find a match-up)

The winds swept over the desolate Armageddon under hive. Some sort of vermin scattered about in the darkness as a lone silhouette appeared against the dim lights ahead. The Immortal squad halted & prepared to engage the target when suddenly the squad leader halted and immediately signaled to disengage and power down weapons. The dark figure approached slowly with grim hatred showing on his glowing eyes from the distance. The squad recognized their objective immediately as he was within about 30 yards. Immediately the immortals realized their objective had found them, rather than the other way around. The Necron Lord approaching had such malice in his eyes the most veteran imperial guardsmen would run in fear. The immortal leader approached his Lord and began began downloading his mission. The Lord's look immediately turned darker, and you could almost see an expression on the cold metal skull. The Lord's staff began sizzling with awesome power and suddenly the Necron Immortal Squad leader was standing there with a hole in his chest. The squad leader crumpled to the ground realizing he had failed his master as the glow in his eyes began to fade. The Necron Lord then signaled another Immortal forward and designated him the new squad leader. The Lord instructed the squad, they would return. Such a promising world deserved to be harvested. He then reached for the phasing device that had brought the squad to the planet and fingered the symbols on it, and they vanished.

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