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AoS OFCC 2017 Wrap-up

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 First off I wanted to thank the club for welcoming Age of Sigmar to the event roster this year,we had 10 make it to the tables and we all had a great time!

    Event results from BCP can be found here-


  OFCC awards went to-

  Best Overall -Sotzeentchy,Joe Krier--Note that Joe had flown in from Minnesota for his first OFCC:)

   Best Sporting- Pyre Warden, Steve Benz

 Best Painted Army-Lustriangod,Mike Case  (Hope I spelled your screen name correctly,heh)

 Best Painted Terrain Piece-Mexican Ninja,Arturos Gonzalez.

    Top Generals for the Grand Alliances-


   Order- PyreWarden

   Destruction-Mexican Ninja

  Death----Sorry death but you didnt make it to the tables..nothing at all wrong with a "Death free" AoS event though.

   In addition to Sotzeentchy making it in we also had Crash311 and his son Max comming in from the Auburn Wa area with the rest of us from the local area here.

  We chose not to "toggle" list power levels through comp since AoS is still a relatively new game on the competative level,yet this approach worked out pretty well due to the nature of AoS and its mix of matrched play scenarios.I believe there were a few games that ended by turn 3 however I heared of no complaints about armies being totally dominating.Joe was playing an interesting Change host list that caught many of us off guard as ive yet to see anything like it played in our area,,even still he knows his army very well and played very solid games with it,,I think all who played him had a good time having a go at it...myself,I think I need at least two more Kunning Rukks to have a chance against it though,lol.

  Finally,I want to thank the OFCC Senate for the great support on this event,and the(much needed) support for myself as a first time HOG for an OFCC event.These guys at the front desks do indeed put alot of time and effort into making this event happen.



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Thanks Ordo/OFCC/Keith will be coming back next year for sure! Despite only having 10 players total I never played against the same opponent more than once and I had some great balanced match ups. Most importantly everyone I played against were great sportsman, yes even the Sylvaneth players...

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