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Deffkoptas, why do I hate thee?



I love the idea of deffkoptas, boyz on jetbikes, zipping around here and there causing grief and killing crap. I even like the stock model from the last boxed set. But I hate the way they play.


At first they looked great. For 35 pts I get twin linked Rockets on a fast platform, that Isn't a slouch in Melee. Add a Buzzsaw for some powerfist action and whammo!


But the weak link is LD 7. Literally everytime I used use them the run right off the board. They run to far and rally too poorly to be anything but a pts sink.


For the same price I can get buggies. Just as fragile, but no leadership issues.


So how wrong am I? Wow me.


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I don't run orks as much as I should, but on paper, if you only field a squad of 1, you really don't have moral issues.


I ran one in 5th. It does about as much as 35-60pts should do. I fielded mine as an opportunist unit. Idea is a unit that moves, turbo boosts and stays out of TLOS until the perfect target presents itself. Given the cost of the model, I only need to kill a single target to get my points back (or just deny a turn of shooting at a better target from a more expensive unit).


Granted, I was playing my orks at the 1k level, so the FA slots were more free than they would be at higher point levels.


Stock model has 36" of weapon range, 48" move+fire range, and a weapon strong enough to potentially damage AV10-11. Just put one on a flank and watch them to position predators, chimeras, and lots of other tanks in a manner to keep that lower side AV away from the dethkopta. Doesn't have to shoot to disrupt their formation, just present the illusion that it could should. And they probably won't shoot at it, just fear it, as it really isn't worth shooting at in most games.


I will note the obvious, that it is a liability for first blood, in the scouring, and as a linebreaker. In these cases, it may get more attention than it deserves.

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Except that I have other things I'd rather have in my FA slots.  Buggies and bikers for instance.


If I had the open slot and the spare points in a list then sure, but I'm not making them a first line choice.

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