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Scratch Built Ork Knight Titans



Av you been feelin a bit out Dakka'd by dem puny 'oomies?

You's wanna stomp akross da field mixin it up like da Boss?

Well you musta been dipped in blu paint cuz today's yer lucky day!

Ere at NUTSTRIPPA'S USED KRUMPATORIUM!! we's havin a sale!


When the Knight Titan was just a rumor I knew I wanted one, when I heard they're 8 inches tall I knew I needed one, when I read they couls ally with Orks I knew I'd die without one. OK, so only one of those things turned out to be true but it didn't matter because I was too busy hammerin and choppin in da workshop to care. So I did the only logical thing, if I can't legally add one to my Ork force I'd simply make enough to do a counts-as army! First in the shop is, KRUMPUS DA MAGNIFIKU...DA MAGSIFACA...DA REELY HOOGE


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