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Raindog's Rampage

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Raindog's Rampage, an Ordo Fanaticus WHFB tournament



Saturday, December 7th.


Yes, Saturday!



1500. We are playing on 4'x5' tables.



$7 For Ordo Champions

$10 For Everyone Else


Start Time:

Games Start at 10 AM.



No Named Characters.

Alternative Books Allowed: Chaos Dwarfs from Tamurkhan, Dogs of War, Norse, Cult of Ulric



+10 For having your list in early (by Wednesday, December 4th)

+10 For having six copies of your list.

+10 points for bringing snacks to share with the group. Pop, Water, Chips, etc…...



Game Points:

+10 Points for a win,

+7 For a Tie,

+5 for a Minor Loss (300 points or less),

+3 Points for a Major Loss.

*Each game will have additional points for achievements in from the scenarios



+10 Points for playing a completely painted and based army.

+10 Points for having the best painted army.

+5 Points for having the best painted character model.

+5 Points for the best chariot, monster, or war machine.

*Determined by players’ vote.



+10 Points for being voted the favorite player.

*The best sport is determined by player’s vote

*All ties in placing will be decided by a character duel.




Check out the WHFB forum for more information!

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