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Mythic Realm Games Warhammer 40,000 Story League

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This event begins 11/13/2014 and repeats every week until 02/15/2015

Mythic Realm Games

Warhammer 40,000 Story League

Battle for Arx

November 2014 – February 2015


The Arx system. For thousands of years Arx has been an unstable gate for the Eye of Terror. It was here that Abaddon the Despoiler began the Gothic War by raiding the research station in 139.M41. It bypasses the Cadian Gate, and hence is an attractive system to wage attacks from. However, recently Arx has become much more. Readings from the system show a psychic anomaly of galactic proportions that has not been spoken of since the Eldar brought into being the entity of Slaanesh. Such power is not only unsettling due to the unknown origin of this anomaly but also because Terra is not the only ones to notice. All sectors are reporting sightings of multiple xenos races converging on Arx and worse yet the presence of the hive mind has been felt. If Arx is not scouted, the source of the anomaly detected and controlled then the Hive itself could be called to it via the Eye of Terror. The warp is in turmoil and legions of chaos are spilling through. Arx it seems has become a beacon to all.


Who will take Arx first and either put an end to the psychic anomaly or worse…weild it?


The purpose of this league is to promote fun gameplay during a story arc that takes place in the 40k universe. While competitive play is welcome, the idea is to invest in the story of your personal Avatar as he grows to become a powerful commander within your army. While everyone wants to have a good game and to win the most important rule in this league is to have fun and be a good sport.


League Rules:


1. All league games must be played at Mythic Realm Games 14313 NE 20th Ave 
Suite A108 
Vancouver, WA 98686 during normal business hours (subject to store event schedule).

2. League play will garner league points which will then be used for raffle events during segments of the league.

3. Special Escalation Rules: Every two weeks the army point total will increase. Players may continue to play at lower point totals if both participants agree. Starting army point total is 500. Below is a breakdown of the point totals for each week. Point limits may not be exceeded.

4. Each player must choose one army faction to play through the league and may not change their faction for the duration of the league with the exception of special league rules. However, armies may incorporate different allies per 7th edition rules as long as their Avatar HQ does not change.

5. Each player will choose an HQ unit from their army faction list and rename the unit to personalize the unit. The unit retains all stats per their faction’s codex. Players may not change their HQ for the remainder of the league and this HQ must be incorporated in every league game.

6. Each game will be played using the 7th 40k rule set and each army must be based off the current army codex. Codexes that have been released after the League start date are not required for play.

7. Each player must bring a copy of their army list for view by their opponent. Digital copies may be used but must be clear and reviewable by your opponent.

8. WISIWYG rules are in place, however proxies may be used as long as both players agree and there is a clear understanding of what the unit is and what gear it has (this is to promote story and gameplay, don’t be a jerk).

9. Special Story events/circumstances will be administered by the League Moderator and will be available at the store.

10. Each player must log their weekly league game at Mythic Realm Games at the time of play. Failure to sign in will result in no league points being awarded.

11. Forgeworld Models are not allowed in league games unless both players and the League Moderator agree in advance and have clear up to date rules for each model.

12. 2 League Tournaments will be held with special story elements added.

13. It is recommended but not mandatory that each player play a different opponent each week. Players will choose whom they will play each week.

14. All rulings by the League Moderator are final.


League Avatar HQ Advancement:


1. Players must choose an HQ unit from their faction Codex to become their Avatar HQ. This will represent the player during each game. The Avatar HQ must be present in every league game and may not change once chosen though gear may be changed between point lists per the rules of your respective codex. Players will rename their Avatar HQ and this will represent your army name during league play. Example: Steve chooses a farseer for his Avatar HQ and follows all rules for his farseer per the Eldar Codex. He names his Avatar HQ Eldrenathor the Souldbender. For the remainder of league play Eldrenathor the Soulbender will remain his Avatar HQ and will advance gaining permanent warlord traits and special story gear. Eldrenathor must be included in every league game and tournament.

2. Warlord Traits will not be rolled for at the beginning of each battle per the 7th edition rules. Instead, at the end of each battle each player will roll randomly for a Warlord trait from their respective codex or from the 7th edition rule book. The player who won the match may then force the losing player to re-roll their Warlord trait once.

3. The Avatar HQ must be your Warlord and may be the only unit to benefit from the Warlord traits.

4. Each Warlord may have a total of 2 Warlord traits (may only gain 1 per battle). If a Warlord were to achieve a new trait the player must either decide to drop a trait and take the newer trait or discard the new trait.

5. Special items (loot) may be obtained through league play. These items will be given out by the League Moderator during certain events. Rules for these items will be given during the time the item is awarded.


League Point Accumulation:

Each week players may earn several league points. League points buy raffle tickets for league giveaways. More details will be provided in store. Points may be earned as follows:


1. Weekly League play: 1 point. (Maximum 1 point per week)

2. Fully painted army: 1 point. (maximum 1 point per week)

3. Story Points: The League Moderator will award league points during special events or when certain game achievements have been met.

4. League tournament play: 2 points (players who participate in the league tournaments will gain 2 points for entry. (More points may be awarded during tournaments determined by the League Moderator)


Army Point Limit by Week:


Week 1 - 500, week 2 - 500, week 3 - 750, week 4 - 750, week 5 - 1000, week 6 - 1000, week 7 - 1500, week 8 - 1500, week 9 - 1850, week 10 - 1850.


Tournament 1- 1000

Tournament 2 – 1850


All rules subject to change per the League Moderator

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