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Return to Normalcy Brawl (40k RTT, 2000pts)

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Greetings one and All!


Here will be the first tournament in about a year at Ordo for Warhammer 40k! It is also the first 9th edition tournament!

This will be a 3 Round Rogue Trader Tournament. We will be using the ITC Code of Conduct as well as GW's Code of Conduct (so no Gotcha Hammer, please and thank you). 

Rounds are 3 hours long, we will have an hour lunch break after R1.


Tickets Price: $10

Max number of Players: 20

Number of Rounds: 3

Mission Pack: GT 2021

Points: 2,000

Round Time Limit: 3 hours (180min)

Doors Open: 8:30am

First Round Starts: 9am

Hobby Tracker: ITC

Yes, fully painted armies get their 10pts for being painted.


Damion Spearman will be the TO for this event.

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