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  1. Sign me up please! I love this frigging thing! -Than
  2. Yo, this is Than, and I want in, as usual. There still room? Also: should a bring a cool table?
  3. Here is the booth location for you. Thanks again for your awesome assistance!
  4. Please grab one Infinity "Advance Pack" - contains and Asura Hacker and Strloks K9 (a cyborg badass and a near future soldier with a werewolf companion) I can send a picture if you need. Thanks for doing this!
  5. I am looking for old combined army drones (the tentacle ones) and any of the Exrah models. Any condition is fine, though I would obviously prefer all the bits. For the exrah I am really only interested in their torsos. I have some ALEPH for trade (vedic models, mostly painted but some Dakini new in bag, and an RPG kickstarter Deva) and some Yu Jing (JSA and vanilla, JSA painted and Vanilla new, mostly red veil) Can also do cash, and I have lots of 40k bits and orks for trade. DM with offers imcluding what you are looking for. Thanks!
  6. Just bumping. Despite PMs above, it is still for sale
  7. I have a copy to Infinity Uprising that I bought just for the exclusive merc model. I am selling the book alone (without the model) for $30 for anyone interested. It is still new in shrink wrap. Happy to ship or deliver it in person to the greater Portland/SW Washington area.
  8. PM sent, sorry Ordo notifications going to the wrong inbox :P
  9. I have two copies available new in box at $55 a piece. The game is fantastic, and I strongly recommend it. Got these as part of a larger package deal. I can ship it in a medium flat rate box if desired, but happy to deliver locally in the greater Portland/Southwest Washington area. Also have a set of the metal miniatures that came with the collectors edition. $80 for all 8 of them, or if you want a base game plus metals $120 Not really looking for trade at the moment. DM with offers. -Than
  10. I am in too! Do you need extra terrain? Happy to bring a few painted tables.
  11. I have a new in box starter for the Shael Han faction of Wrath of Kings. Its a fantastic game and I am not selling to get out of it, rather just got this as part of a lot of stuff. $30, or will consider trade for NiB infinity for Yu Jing, of Combined Army (Unidron batroids box in particular) PM with offers. -zagdag
  12. And one more question on the grunts: Do they need to be completely stock? For example for steel phalanx a thorakite engineer would not be able to score because he is a specialist, a thorakite rocket launcher could not score because he has a SWC upgrade, but could a thorakite combirifle score? He is a 4 point upgrade over the standard smg model but not a specialist and does not cost SWC. Not nit picking, I totally get the spirit of this scenario, just wanted to be sure I understood the letter of it too.
  13. Three scenario questions: For heal the innocent can I use G:servants models to heal them or does it have to be doctor in base to base. Also, is the XP for killing a doctor cumulative or just given once, and does killing a paramedic or model with a medkit count as killing a doctor? On trashcans: Size limit? I am working on a scifi garbage truck right now and thought I would bring that. It's ~3x3x5 inches and lights up with sounds. Final question: Need extra terrain? I have several fully painted boards worth
  14. Also, for Total AVA aleph models could I suggest Dakini make the cut? They are AVA 6 already and the three grunts included in the starter which makes me think they belong.
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