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  1. Camel's feet are big and wide to keep the camel from sinking into loose and shifting sands, and the webbing between the toes unites them into a single surface to further resist sinking. As you can see from the picture below, the feet of the Irregular Miniature's camels falls far short of proper camel feet (they look more like deer hooves), so I made my own. I also used greenstuff to repair the tail tuft, which was deformed by the model's poor casting.
  2. In my Mutatawaii'a warband, the warlord will be mounted on a camel as well as a single unit of 4 hearthguard. As I posted earlier, I struggle to find dark age or medieval camel and rider models that are well sculpted, properly proportioned, and well casted. I've purchased camel models from Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures, eBob Miniatures, Irregular Miniatures, and even an Aussie company called Castaway Arts. I've looked online at what's available from Eureka Minaitures, Black Tree Design, Warlord Game, Wargames Foundry, Essex Miniatures, Alternative Armies, and others. In my opinion, a
  3. Ish, I've added texture to the base. If you paint this model, I recommend painting it in the three separate pieces pictured below. A portion of the hounds' base is built into the Apoxie Sculpt that I used to sculpt the base's contours, so if you try to remove it, you will pull the base apart. I added pins to the bottom of banner-man's feet to strengthen it's bond to the base once its glued in place. If you want to play with the model unpainted, then add a tiny dab of super glue to the banner-man's toes (not the pins). This, along with the pins will keep it in place, but
  4. I finished my Borderers (Age of Crusades mercenaries) armed with javelins.
  5. Once the plague passes, you and Ish should get together and play some SAGA. Vikings vs Anglo Saxons is a classic SAGA match up.
  6. Ish, PM me your mailing address and I will mail you your Warlord and the Renedra bases.
  7. Splendid! Please keep us updated. In what part of the Ordo Universe do you live? Bellingham? Portland?
  8. Okay Ish, since it’s your preference to field a foot Warlord, I’ve assembled you one. The Warlord is Footsore Miniature’s Alfred the Great. The banner-man is also a Footsore mini. I can’t remember who makes the hound. There should be enough space on the pole to fit a medium sized Little Big Men Studios flag. The boar pole topper comes from a 5th edition GW Bretonnian knight’s helmet. Some players, like myself, prefer to play with their Warlord on a 25 mm base, while others prefer a large base. I’ve made you a two-in-one base, so you can play your Warlord either way. Magnets and
  9. One of the downsides of wire spears is that their smooth surface and doesn't give much for glue to stick to. Plus, since they don't bend easily, pressure against a spear's end can cause them to pop out of a model's hand. As such, I recommend that you glue the spears into the models' hands before primering or painting. Also, since the recesses in the Saxon Miniature's open hands can be quite shallow, I recommend using a hobby knife to deepen the recesses. A little extra work up front can save you a lot of heartache down the road.
  10. That is excellent new indeed! However, I remain concerned about your immortal soul. Are... those... wretched GW slotta bases I see beneath your most excellent Anglo-Saxon miniatures? No. Don't tell me. I don't want to know. I will send you proper Renedra bases along with your Koyote-ized warlords -one on foot and one mounted. Do you have wire spears? The white metal spears that Saxon Miniatures (now Warlord Games) provides will never do. If Odin requires a blood sacrifice, wire spears will stab your fingers and pierce your flesh, but at least they won't bend and d
  11. Unpainted I can understand, but unassembled???? You'll never get into Valhalla with an unassembled warband.
  12. I asked these questions because I want to build you your very own 'Koyote' Anglo Saxon warlord on a two-part display base. I have a cool model that will make a good Æthelflæd of the Mercia, but it's mounted. I do have a Anglo-Saxon foot-warlord as well, but while the model is impressive, it's less original.
  13. A space laser would come in very handy when fighting against the Welsh, Irish, Lords of the Wild, or any other warband that use terrain features, especially forests, to their advantage. 'Oh, so you think you're going to use Sons of Dana on me? Think again! Pew pew pew..."
  14. What do you mean by “ hide”? Aside from flyers, in SAGA, units block LOS to other units, regardless of the units’ model type or size. As such, infantry units block LOS to cavalry models (also elephants, creatures, and monsters). Do you use a big base for your warlord or a stand infantry base? Also, are your Anglo Saxons mounted on square or round bases? Lastly, has your warlord expressed any interest in joining Marjorie Taylor Greene’s proposed Anglo-Saxon caucus?
  15. Do you play your Anglo Saxon warlord mounted or on foot?
  16. Ish, what SAGA warband do you play? if you don’t yet have a warband, what warband do you most want to play?
  17. Behold, the new and improved baggage and objective markers. Now with more arrows, chains, and manacles. The arrows come from the Fireforge Games Living Dead Warriors kit. It's such a great kit. The arrows add a bit of height to the models and serve as an interesting detail. The chains come from the GW plastic Flagellants kit. Over the years I've gone to the well-o-bits that is the Flagellants kit, over and over and over again. It has so many great heads, weapons, torsos, and extra bits.
  18. I finished assembling my Muslim themed baggage and objective markers. All that's left to do is to add texture to the bases, primer, and paint. As I posted earlier, these baggage and objective markers are designed to be use in conjunction with one another for the Ambush scenario, or independently of one another. The first baggage marker depicts a procession of drummers. The drums on the camel will be gold plated ceremonial drums with sacred significance to the Almoravid. The objective marker depicts one of the sacred drums and a dead drummer. The casualty model used for this
  19. Hmmm? Very suspicious.
  20. I've been thinking more and more about playing this warband as Mutatawwi'a. When I do so, I want to include a unit of auxiliary (mercenary) Borderers. Their unit entry describes them as fierce and independent warriors who come from difficult to reach, mountainous regions. Their special rule, [i]Formidable[/i], emphasizes familiarity with rough, rocky terrain by providing them an increase to their Armor when the unit is within uneven terrain providing solid cover. Below is a unit of Borderers, assembled from the Perry Miniatures Afghan Tribesmen kit. My preferred equipment choice for Bo
  21. In the most recent episode of the Saga Thorsday podcast, Rodge and Monty voiced their desire to include in the 2022 Adepticon Saga tournament, scenarios that include baggage and/or objective markers. This is great news, because one of the highlights of Saga tournaments is seeing all the wonderful warbands on display. And for me, seeing each player's take on their particular warband's baggage/objective markers really adds to their warband's display. Both Rodge and Monty are quite keen on including the Ambush scenario (see Book of Battles) into the 2022 tournament scenario lineup. In thi
  22. I finished the 4-pack of Warriors that will, depending upon my build and the scenario, hang in the back and generate an extra SAGA die. Since they may spend much of the game just standing around, I figure they might as well look like the belong in the rear of the warband's formation -hence the flag, drums, and aged champion.
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