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  1. Can always have more dakka 🙂 Looks great, love the hat. The green stuff 'bits' are really well done, good job.
  2. Not enough CPs to upgrade? I'll be at GG this Wednesday.
  3. Why is that? You don't play? I don't (yet), still have lots of minis to paint, but maybe when I am done with enough we could do a KIll Team match while our kids D&D.
  4. @Ish Bridget is her name. I am that guy who strolls around looking at the tables where 40k is being played at GG on Wednesdays, or reading a book while she plays D&D.
  5. My daughter attends Wednesday night Adventure League for D&D, and figured it was good way to give back to the store for hosting it, by buying 1-2 every Wednesday. I also think the models are pretty good, and would add some new poses to my collection. Wasn't aware that they are taller than classic marines and shorter than Primaris marines. @paxmiles if you decide to start collecting them, I would be willing to swap duplicates if you are interested.
  6. Anyone have extras: Brother Promethor Brother Captain Thassarius Those are the only 2 out of the 9 I have yet to collect. edit: removed Brother Remus
  7. Nope, just found someone to make the swap with.
  8. I'll send you a private msg.
  9. Zorcon & ThatXboxGuy, do either of you partake in Guardian Games Wednesday WH40k league? If so, let me know and I can bring the beak helmets there for the swap.
  10. I have 14-15 beak helmets.
  11. Thatxboxguy, I am NE Portland, but would be willing to make that drive later this week or weekend.
  12. Zorcon, Not sure offhand, but my guess is 10+. I will count them when I get home from work tonight (Dec 10th). These are still on the sprue, and most are in unopened boxes.
  13. I have some beak style helmets (preferred by Raven Guard) that I would like to swap for non-beak helmets or heads with no helmets for non-beaky helmets. Figured to ask here before I bought them from a bitz site.
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