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  1. @Falcon64Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7pm works fine. See you then.
  2. @Falcon64When are you free for our game? Russ
  3. How about Tomorrow, Saturday, at 2p Pacific? Russ
  4. I'm fairly open this weekend, Saturday or Sunday. Let me know what time is best. Russ
  5. @DuckmanI'm free after 3p Pacific tomorrow and fairly flexible over the weekend. Russ
  6. @SigurdBCI can do 9a on Sunday. Please confirm, but I'll see you then.
  7. @SigurdBCHey there. When would you like to play our match? Russ
  8. Isn't MOuntain time the same as Pacific time these days. Just sent an invite. RUss
  9. Let's do 8p MT tonight if that works for you. I can also do any time after 4p MT on Tuesday. Russ
  10. @WreckingBall Hey there. When are you free for our match.
  11. I accepted the Div. 2 invite. Was that correct? Russ
  12. Hey. I received two tickets. Am I playing in both leagues? Russ
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