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  1. I'm in NE Portland, so pretty far from you, and I have the same difficulties getting to Sherwood (since I don't have a car.)
  2. Is there a day at Ordo that would work for you to meet up and play?
  3. I'm fully vaxed and ready to play, but am wondering if there was still a scene for Infinity at all at Ordo. Is anyone else interested in playing?
  4. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. Are you still allowed to use AD? I can't find those rules online.
  6. Supremacy, Acquisition, Firefight.
  7. I am DEFINITELY going to be late since my bike has a flat and I'm out of tubes.
  8. I will be there, but might be a bit late. I need to make fake meatballs for dinner since they need to set for 4 hours.
  9. It does, thanks! I am very into playing, I was just worried about bringing the tournament down for my foes. I will still be there then!
  10. I'm actually having second thoughts, not because I dislike the idea, but because I am new enough that I lack some basic understandings of the rules. Do you think it's still reasonable for me to participate?
  11. I would like to sign up as well!
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