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Mythic Realm Games Kill Teams Tournament 2/22/14 Story & Revised Rules


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Saturday, 2/22/14 12 PM to 6 PM (About 4 rounds)


Mythic Realm Games presents 2v2 randomized pairings Kill Teams Tournament.


Before the tournament, we will randomly decide teams and those teams will play the tourney together. In the spirit of playability this means that even a Nid player will be able to team up with other armies regardless of ally rules. For fluff sake we will assume the armies aren't so much working together as they are going for the same goal.


This even will be story based and special story rules will be in place and given at the time of the event.


If you are looking for a fun casual tournament where the idea is to have some fun, enjoy the game and not get bogged down in rules lawyering then this is the even for you.


Even if you have never played Kill Teams, we will be happy to teach you the easy to learn rules. So come on down.


We will be using a modified version of the GW rule set. 



* 250 pt. Army

* No 2+ saves allowed (this includes add ons that would give a 2+ even if the unit does not have a 2+ in its description)

* Must designate 1 leader and 3 special units

* Running: unit is allowed a full run movement (no D6 roll required)

* Moving through difficult terrain: Movement is halved. (this allows for faster smoother games without having to roll for each individual model

* We reserve the right to modify rules and will do this only to make the games more fun and playable to all.


And yes, there will be prizes!!!!!!





Mythic Realm Games Presents

A Warhammer 40k Kill Team Tournament


Escape from Purgatory




A Warp maelstrom has swept through the galaxy. A torrent of Warp energy that has snaked its way among the stars unleashing a chaotic rift. Those unlucky to have been caught in this warp storm have had their ships, souls and in some cases worlds ripped asunder. However, for a few the maelstroms have transplanted them to an alien world within the Warp that librarians know only as Purgatory.


Purgatory is a small world that exists within the Warp that is constantly bombarded by psychic forces, meteor showers and inhabited by creatures of nightmare. The climate of Purgatory can range from harsh swamps that devour the largest freighters to sub zero tundra and murky forests. It is a place not fit for man nor xenos.


There is one thing that Purgatory does contain that no other planet in the known galaxy may claim. Psyphire. A glowing blue crystalline stone that radiates pure psychic energy. The stone itself is a conduit for psychic powers and serves to amplify and direct it in powerful ways. Psyphire is the most psychically active substance ever discovered. There are few in the galaxy that have ever touched foot on Purgatory and fewer still that have left its surface. But those who have speak of a stone so powerful in its psychic energy that a psycher with enough mental strength may travel the warp without the use of a vessel.


If your forces are to leave the surface of this hell within the warp then only by gathering Psyphire may this be accomplished. Cut off form your main forces, each army will have to adapt their strategies to make use of their limited resources and put everything aside for the greater cause…Escape! This may mean even allying with those you would never consider fighting side by side with or even brother killing brother if they should stand in your way. The price for failing to escape is the loss of your soul to the warp…forever.





Primary Mission Objective:


Find allies to aid in collecting the Psyphire and escape Purgatory. Avoid the harsh planetary conditions. Survive.


Tournament Special Rules:

1.     This tournament will use a modified version of the GW Kill Team rule set. Rules may be changed to facilitate sportsmanship and fair gameplay.

a.     250 pt. Army

b.     1 leader and 3 specialists per army

c.      No Heavy units may be taken

d.     No 2+ saves allowed (even if the save would be given after purchasing the unit)

e.     Running: Auto 6’’ move in the run phase, no roll required

f.      Difficult Terrain: Movement halved, no rolls required

g.     Each game has a 50-minute time limit. At the end of the time limit, finish the turn you are currently in and count up all victory points. The team with the highest victory point score at the end of the tournament wins.

2.     Psyphire Deposits:

a.     At the beginning of each battle, each team will roll for deployment normally and then place 3 objective markers in their opponent’s board half following the rules for objective marker placement. Once each objective marker has been placed, roll 2D6 for scatter. On a HIT, scatter half the distance.

b.     Legal units are considered capturing the Psyphire if they are within 3’’ and line of sight and no enemy model is contesting. (Models within vehicles may not capture objective points)

c.      Psyphire objectives may not be moved during the game.

3.Victory Points:

a.     First Blood – 1pt

b.     Line Breaker – 1pt

c.      Kill enemy leader – 2pts

d.     Kill specialist – 1pt

e.     Capture and hold uncontested Psyphire deposit – 3pts

f.      Table your opponent – 1pt



Perils of Purgatory:


Each game, players will face the harsh conditions of Purgatory. They are as follows:


1.     Game 1

a.     Meteor Shower: The surface of the planet is bombarded by small meteors that lay waste the land.

                                               i.     At the end of turn 3. Each player places 1D3 small blast templates on the battlefield then rolls 3D6 scatter (always scatters regardless of HIT result). Any model under the template when scatter is resolved suffers a STR 8 AP 3 hit ignores cover. Models removed in this way do not give victory points.

2.     Game 2

a.     Razor Winds: Winds so powerful that the rocky surface is whipped about like shards of glass, slicing through those unlucky enough not to take cover.

                                               i.     At the end of turn 2, all models must take a pinning test regardless of special rules (i.e. even fearless models). If a model would go to ground they keep the benefit of their cover save but can take no actions on the following round.

3.     Game 3

a.     Critical Levels of Warp Energy: The warp energy of the surface has become unstable. Armies fight not only for the Psyphire deposits but also for a shield generator at the center of the battlefield. Obviously this shield system was left by someone trapped on the planet before you. It is the only salvation from the warp storm.

                                               i.     At the end of turn 3 select the center point of the map. Any model not completely within 18 inches of the center point automatically suffers a STR 10 AP 2 hit ignores cover. Models removed in this way do not give victory points.

4.     Game 4

a.     Purgatory Wurms: These creatures burrow under the planet’s surface in search of their food source, Psyphire. They have been known to burst from the ground and swallow whole units.

                                               i.     At the beginning of turn 4. Each player chooses a Psyphire deposit and places a large blast template over it then rolls 3D6 for scatter, ignoring HIT results. If any part of the template would leave the battlefield then reroll it. Any model completely within the blast template is removed immediately with no saves allowed. Models partially within the blast template suffer an immediate STR 6 AP - hit ignores cover. Models removed in this way do not give victory points.


Rules subject to change.

Story by: Chris Ledbetter, AKA Mythic Ninja


Hope to see you there!



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