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Planetary Empires Wk 4 Battle


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   Played against  Necrons this go around This was my second time playing Necrons and the first time was a low point game,750 I think and the opponent just had a bunch of warriors and some chariot thing so this time there was a bunch of stuff I hadn't seen before.


 Batttle was 1500 points relic fight Orks attacking Necrons on Def.Dawn of War deployment.


 Now Matt tried to tell me what units were his hard hitting anti armor stuff in CC but I ..well my Warlord Mekboss Torkjaw didn't listen(Yup its his fault) and headed straight for the relic at game start,fired all of its weapons killed a few things nothing special though then stood tall to wait for the Necrons reaction to such a bold opening move!


  Heres were Im schooled about Necrons and their nasty arse CC abilitys...


  I could see I was in trouble during movement as he pretty much moved everything into charge range which was easy to do since I moved 12" forward on my turn.Then came shooting were I lost my first 4 HP`s  and finally the assault phase were I was summarily "wtfpwned" being overkilled on HP`s by probably around 6 or 7..we didn't roll all of the pens.


  So yeah I guess next time against Necrons ill stay back and run with some bubble wrap to the front,lol


 I have a bad habit when playing the relic in that I always seem to want to charge right at it asap that's probably because when ya play Orks you develop the "ues it or loose it" syndrome pretty quick,heh.


 My mad Doc and his assistant will be taking to the field next week there`s a rumor that his warband that discovered the Fortification Network a few weeks back have stumbled onto an even more ominious Bunker.


  Torkjaw and his Mekboys are collecting up what remains of the Fang of Gork and hope to have it back in service within a week or two.


 Even though it was a short scrap I had a great time Matt:)




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