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Sold. Please Remove


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Just to update, I am open to full trade offers at this time. I also, have a warmachine battlefoam bag (good condition) to round out a trade if interested. Would still prefer lizardmen with some of the newer goodies, but would consider other armies that were more recently updated (no TK or WE)

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Update: I'm willing to sell the above army for $475 (which includes the battlefoam bag $160 value). Which means that the MSRP of the above items exceeds the asking price, and you're getting a very well-painted army. Lucky you.  


In the event you would prefer a trade (and so would  I), I'm still very interested in an ogre kingdoms or lizardmen army.

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Hey folks, listed this lot on ebay with a starting bid of $450. No bids yet, so if you're interested in getting this for the starting price and avoid shipping costs, contact me immediately if you're local so I can remove it and get it to you.





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