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  1. hey, you still playing AoS? 

  2. Well. I know that we have at least 7 on our boards who are wanting to go to OFCC. I want to hype the AOS portion of OFCC this year. I think it’s gotten some some new traction and more people keep getting interested.
  3. So like it says in the title. Who is interested in coming to OFCC this year and playing AoS? Just curious because I have large group of players that don’t frequent the boards here anymore and I’m trying to find out if there are any other AoS players planning to go.
  4. I am going as well, and I am not totally sure if I'm bringing My Archaon force or my Lizardmen force.
  5. So who is coming to OFCC this year to play AoS? I just wanna see how many are representing.
  6. I think I can be in, but my at you is still under construction. Might be fully painted, might be half.
  7. I'm just happy that AoS is coming to OFCC, it should have been showcased last year instead of demonized. Thank you for bringing a fun game to OFCC. I will be there.
  8. Ok, I know we have spot for models to be looked at, but I'm tired of running through and looking at other games models. Let's post our AiS only models in this thread. Let's get each other enthused by each others projects.
  9. Yeah, Wiley is heading that up. Let's try to support our brothers in the South. They usually put on some good tournaments, and they are good people. With all the new releases set for next year. AoS will be even more exciting next year.
  10. If AoS is going to be at OFCC this next year, you can count me in.
  11. I am sorry that I missed this event. My boys last football game of the year. I hope to make the next one. Any ideas when the next one will be?
  12. Yeah, I agree with Steele. From the beginning people were talking mad crap about the game prerelease. Then when you were the person talking about playing, people would give you crap for even thinking about playing. The gaming world finally caught on and let AoS do its thing.
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