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Ordo Maleficium Blood Bowl League


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An edited version of jollyorks Imperial Cup rules.  These are not final. If enough of the coaches want something changed we can discuss it in this forum.

The Empire is home to one of the most organized, well-run, and wealthy Blood Bowl leagues in the Auld World. A big reason the league is so wealthy is the sponsorship of every team by one of the Colleges of Magic. Although outright spellcasting has been banned, each College uses its affinity with its favored Wind of Magic to create some on-field advantages for the teams it sponsors. Each year the league hosts a tournament to determine which College-- err, which team, is the greatest of them all.

Entry Fee

$15 per coach

This will all go to pay outs in different categories.

20% Most Touchdowns

20% Most Casualties

20% Most Valuable Player (This will not be determined by cost of player nor final spp.  It will be awarded to the player whose has gained the most spp during the season)

40% The Champion


League Roster

All rosters will be the Humans from the current Living rule book.  All rules that apply for rosters still apply(number of type of position doesn't exceed max. 16 player max.etc.).  The only exception is the new roster selections from the College of Magic sponsors.

Colleges of Magic Enhancements
Each College uses its mastery of its Wind of Magic to bring benefits to the teams it sponsors. These benefits include inducing new players to play alongside the humans, as well as using arcane knowledge to improve the team's equipment, performance, or even the very elements!

Each team must select one College of Magic as its sponsor. This will happen before the draft. The team roster is expanded to include the new player type the College has influence over. The team also receives the designated Special Play card to use during each match of the league.

College of Life
Qty Title                      Cost    MA ST AG AV Skills                      Normal Double
0-2  Imperial Halflings 30,000 5    2   3    6   Dodge, RS, Stunty A          GSP
Special Play Card: Extra Training. Your team receives one extra team re-roll for this match. (Good Karma, 100K)

College of Death
Qty Title                       Cost     MA ST AG AV Skills    Normal Double
0-2  Enthralled Ghouls 70,000 7    3   3    7    Dodge GA       SP
Special Play Card: Magic Sponge. Roll a D6. On a 1, the sponge's magic fails. On a 2+, you may heal one player in the Dead & Injured box to move him to Reserves. (Random Events, 200K)

College of Light
Qty Title                     Cost     MA ST AG AV Skills     Normal Double
0-2  Rogue Amazons 50,000 6    3    3    7   Dodge  G          ASP
Special Play Card: Friendly Fans. Any player on your team that is pushed into the crowd this game is only Stunned, do not roll Injury. (Miscellaneous Mayhem, 50K)

College of Shadow
Qty Title                              Cost     MA ST AG AV Skills        Normal Double
0-2  Renegade Dark Elves 70,000 6    3    4    8   Animosity GA       SP
Special Play Card: Stolen Playbook. A player of your choice gains Pass Block and Shadowing until the drive ends. (Dirty Tricks, 50K)

College of Beasts
Qty Title                                 Cost     MA ST AG AV Skills   Normal Double
0-2  Domesticated Beastmen 60,000 6    3   3    8    Horns GSM     AP
Special Play Card: Suicide Blitz. (play after a kickoff to your opponent) A player of your choice not holding the ball may take a Blitz Action immediately. This player suffers from the No Hands skill for this Action only. (Special Team Plays, 50K)

College of Metal
Qty Title                   Cost     MA ST AG AV Skills      Normal Double
0-2  Imperial Dwarfs 70,000 4    3   2    9    B, T, TS GS       AP
Special Play Card: Chainsaw. A player of your choice on your team gains the Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, and No Hands skills for this game. (Good Karma, 100K)

College of Fire
Qty Title                        Cost    MA ST AG AV Skills  Normal Double
0-2  Rampaging Norse 50,000 6    3   3    7    Block G         ASP
Special Play Card: Heroic Leap. (play before any player takes an Action) Choose a player with strength four or less. This turn the chosen player may leap, as the skill, with a 3+ to land regardless of that player'
s agility or skills. (Special Team Plays, 50K)

College of Heavens
Qty Title            Cost    MA ST AG AV Skills        Normal Double
0-2 Aloof Elves 60,000 6    3   4    7   Animosity GA       SP
Special Play Card: Scutt's Scroll of Weather Magic. Select a weather result. The weather will immediately change to that result and remain there until a Weather Change kick-off roll is made. (Good Karma, 100K)



1,300,000gp will be the starting treasury for all team coaches. This goes to buy draft players, rookies, rerolls, fan factor, etc.


The Draft

 A lottery will be held to find the order of draft.  The draft order will go first to last then reverse with last going first.  When the coaches name is selected for order of draft he/she will then notify the commissioner which college of magic he/she has chosen.

The player's value must be paid at draft. The minimum for a starting roster is 11.  Coaches can use rookies to fill out their roster. The coach doesn't have to have a full team of players from the draft.

The first round will be a special draft from the colleges of magic. There will be 3 players from each college with random skills. Each coach may only draft one player from their sponsor. The college of magic's draft selections will be unknown, until after each coach has selected a college. This way no one will be persuaded by the college's special draft*. Any remaining college of magic players will not go to the open market. They are drafted to their own race in other leagues.   After the college draft has been revealed coaches may trade their draft order before the official draft starts.  Following the special first round the normal draft selections will then be open to draft. You may select has many players you want to fill your roster.  All unpicked players will then go on the open market.

*I will roll a dice to determine my college.


Open Market

A player on the open market can either be bid on or traded(of equal value) by a coach.

If traded: The coach post to the blood bowl forums the player he is letting go and which player he is taking. The player that is released will go on open market.

If bid: You must have enough gold in your treasury to make any bid. The coach that is interested in buying a player from the open market will post the player's name and his amount of bid on the blood bowl forum.  The player will then go up for auction for 4 days. If an another coach wants to counter bid he must make a post on that forum. The new bid must be a minimum of 10,000gp more then the previous bid.  This coach is now locked into the bid. If the original coach that started the bid does not want to continue bidding. He/She may try to bid on a completely different player. The player will then go to the highest bidder. All sales are final.



Players on rosters may be traded before the half way point of season.  No trading between different colleges. No roster can have two different positions from different colleges.  Also no roster may have more then two of a college position. Any type of position may not exceed max(no more then 4 blitzers). The value of each player can be different.  The coach with the lesser value must make up the difference in value with gold pieces. It is up to both coaches to agree to trade. Trades are final. There will be no borrowing of players for a certain amount of time with compensation or no compensation.  Coaches can offer other coaches gold pieces equal to or more of players current value. With the intent of adding said player to his/her's roster. The final decision to sell player's contract is up to the owning coach.


Player Contracts

If a players title reaches or is currently a Star, Super Star and Legend it will activate bonuses to the contract.  The players contract will include incentives if he/she gains a certain amount of spp during a game.

Star player points gained          Fee                                                       

5-9spp.                                     10,000gp

10-14spp.                                   20,000gp

15-20spp.                                30,000gp

21-30spp.                                 40,000gp

This fee will be part of the post-match sequence. The player's contract bonus fees must be payed during step 3. If the coach can not pay the fee. The player will sit out for one drive at the start of the next game. If at the end of that game and including bonuses that incurred during that match. The coach is still unable to pay the player's contract bonuses. That player will be removed from the roster and put on the open market.  That player will only be bid on in the open market at his current value. The open market rules will apply to the player excluding trade. If the player is auctioned and all rules are met per open market.  That player's contract incentive fees will be taken out of total bid then the rest will go to the previous owning coach.



I used jollorks model of draft from a previous season.  He included extraordinary in the random skills.  I have used it in my random draft.  Whenever i rolled double 1s that player then rolled for an extraordinary skill.

If the coach rolls double 1s for a player's improvement roll. The coach then may roll on the extraordinary table or just choose any skill from any skill category that is on the double column. Some of these skills have negative effects. If you roll any negative skills he will gain that skill. Your player then can choose from any normal skill of his position as if he didn't roll doubles. If the roll is a weapon. That player also will gain the secret weapon skill. Stakes will be removed from roll table it would count as stab instead. Nurgles Rot is removed also due to over complicated rules that would need to be implemented. Always Hungry is removed.

Any player of any position can gain; Right Stuff, Throw Team-Mate, Stunty, Titchy.

Negative Extraordinary Skills; Animosity, Blood Lust, Bone-Head, Decay, Loner, No Hands, Really Stupid, Secret Weapon*, Take Root, Wild Animal.

*Yes a player can gain secret weapon without having a weapon.  Officials no longer take the verbal and physical assault from player and will kick him out after a drive.


The Extraordinary Roll Table (D10 and D8)

11-13 Bone-Head

14-16 Ball & Chain

17-18 Wild Animal

21-24 Stunty

25-28 Blood Lust

31-34 Stab

35-38 No Hands

41-44 Right Stuff

45-48 Decay

51-58 Fan Favorite

61-64 Hypnotic Gaze

65-68 Loner

71-74 Regeneration

75-78 Animosity

81-84 Secret Weapon

85-88 Bombardier

91-94 Titchy

95-98 Really Stupid

101-104 Throw Team-Mate

105-106 Chainsaw

107-108 Take Root


Post Game

Any and all post game rolls must be viewed by the opposing coach. The commissioner will take all post game rosters after each game. I will try and get OBBLM up and running for the league so all updates to roster will be the coach's responsibility


After the championship

After a break and there is interest in starting a new season.  There will be another draft rolled up.  This new draft lottery will then be normal.  Last place team goes first then in order of loss/win record to the champ going last. Every round will start the same way.  The salary cap will increase.  It will be determined by all the teams total value average. With a slight decrease due to ff and rerolls not needed to be purchased again.  This money will be used to purchase the new players in the draft.  Your existing roster players may be purchased with this money also.  Two weeks before the draft any player on your existing roster that you no longer want to pay can be released.  These released players are considered free agents.  This will be posted on a forum so any other coach may pick up this player or players using the open market rules. Any money in your team's treasury may be used for the draft.


Renegotiating a Contract

In some cases you might want to save some gold for the new season.  You may renegotiate a contract of a star, super star or legend player on your existing roster. For each player roll a D10.

1-8 the contract stands.

9-10 you may remove 30,000 gold pieces of the player's value.

This reduced price will be taken off the players value when figuring out your purchases before the start of the season. Before the 1st game the players normal value will then be added to team value. and each game after.

A plus sign will be added to his name. The bonuses on a renegotiated contract have increased. Use the new chart for incentives achieved during game

Star player points gained          Fee                                                       

1-5spp.                                     10,000gp

6-9spp.                                   20,000gp

10-14spp.                                30,000gp

15-30spp.                                 40,000gp



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