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H: circle of orobos/hordes W: $$


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Hey! So with 8th coming out I no longer need a replacement for 40k! As a result I would love to get rid of my Circle of Orboros/Hordes army. Now I have marked the units with individual prices but I really really don't want to sell unit by unit so the first person that gives me $350 cash + shipping can have it all. Pictures will come in a few hours.


Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood, Tree of Fate $20

Kromac the Ravenous $15

Kromac, Champion of the Worm $15

Krueger the Stormlord $10

Krueger the Stormwrath $10

Kaya, the Wildborn - $7

Tanith the feralsong $7

Argus - $7

Oop metal Argus $10

Oop metal Argus $10

Feral Warpwolf - $15

Feral Warpwolf -$10

Oop metal Feral Warpwolf $15

Oop metal/resin Ghetorix - $30

Gorax painted - $15

Gorax -$8

Riphorn Satyr - $20

Razorwing Griffon -$10

Razorwing Griffon - $10

Werewolf Stalker - $25

Druid of Orboros Overseer + Druids of Oboros - $30

Sentry stones & manikins -$10

Sentry stones & manikins - $10

Shifting stones - $10

Shifting stones - $10

Stone keeper $5

Tharn bloodpack $20

Tharn bloodtrackers $30

Blackclad wayfarer -$8

Gallows grove - $6

Lord of the feast -$8

Una the falconer $15

Swamp gobbers bellows crew -$5

Carrying case - $30






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