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Space Marries from Assault on Black Reach


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Seeing if there is any interest:

I have unclipped, basically new, Space Marines from Assault Black Reach I bought when it came out.  The only model on the Space Marine side that isn't up for trade is the Dreadnought since I converted it into a Deff Dread.

What I'm looking for is Ork stuff (maybe some Ork legs since I'm missing some), If I'm lacking on the trade I can throw in some cash as well.  I have little interest in other armies as I love my green guys.  (But due to ramshackle I can always convert).

I live in Gladstone and typically go to Red Castle on Saturdays and Geeks and Games on Monday if you want to see the models, but I'm mobile.  I was also thinking about going to the Ordo garage sale. 



1 Space Marine Captain
10 Tactical Space Marines
5 Space Marine Terminators

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Wondering if anyone is interested.  Like I said, I can toss in some cash for any uneven trades.  I'm looking for just about anything Ork.  I'm most likely just going to toss these guys in my closet for another 10+ years before I look at them again.

(Weirdboys preferred.  Hell I'd straight out buy a weirdboy or two xD)

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