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dread power fist

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  Hello all, Im thinking of adding a dread or 2 to my list. with the cool powerfist the one with fingers. The ven dread comes with one, but itlooks to be only good for 1 side. I have a Idea for the dread to be a ironclad using  the ven dread box set as I like the powerfist on it and the body with the exposed helm.

   For a sizmeic hammer I want to make a oversized thunderhammer held by a powerfist. and add lightning claws to the power fist on the other hand (just a cosmetic thing) they wont count for any weapon as there are no rules for them.

  Is there both a left and right dreadnought hand put out by GW or a 3rd party that would work?


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Thanks for the input guys the hands im looking for i think are called ornate powerfists look like the dreadkight may work but the fingers on the blood angels dread just dont match my idea.

  Idea is in the babadon war one of my techpriests saved the life of Tebyros, destroying his body. As his bravery was true they interned him in a dread.

As a techpriest he chose not to sleep between battles but communes with the ships tech spirit and works the forges

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