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Hey Ordo, picked up these assembled models as part of a larger lot and am looking to give them a new home.

I'll take $60 + shipping if needed, I'm in the Seattle area.  Everything bare plastic and Scions are on what look to be Sector Imperialis bases

Taurox Prime, hull assembled with roof glued shut. Tracks assembled and glued to struts. Brush guard clipped from sprue, all other parts still on sprue. 

10 Militarum Tempestus Scions
Scion Tempestor with powerfist and plasma pistol
Scion with Plasmagun
Scion with Meltagun
Scion with Grenade Launcher
Scion with Flamer
Scion with Hot Shot Volleygun
4 x Scions with Hot Shot Lasguns

Picture available if you send me your e-mail or a phone number to text it to.


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