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H: Flames of War Soviets W: Dropzone Commander, $$


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Hey folks


Quick post here to see if anyone has any DZC stuff they want to trade...I came across a bunch of like-new FOW metal soviets that I'd like to convert to either Dropzone Commander or cash. These guys should work for any WWII period - early, mid, or late.


Here's what I have (all are battlefront unless noted):


1 NIB Soviet Infantry Company

1 NIB Soviet Company HQ (no retail markings, so it might be from a boxed set army)

At least 1, and perhaps more, Soviet Infantry Company new and untouched, separated into a plastic box.

3 Soviet AT gun sets (the 45mm obr 1942 guns IIRC - 6 bases)

1 Mortar Company (6 bases)

1 Machine Gun Company (6-9 bases)

6 White Scout Cars (NIB, but Old Glory)

Tons of bits - drivers, tank commanders, 50 cal MGs, jeep ragtops, bailed crewmen, etc.


In trade I'm looking for any Scourge or Post Human Republic Dropzone commander, as well rules, card, and their city-in-a-box cardboard terrain, which I'd be looking to trade retail for retail. Cashwise it looks like this rings in somewhere between $150 and $200, so $100 cash would probably be fine as well.


Thanks Ordo!

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