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Large Tau Army for Sale Fully Painted


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Hi Guys

I have a large digi cam painted Tau Army for Sale that includes:

3 x Riptides with fusions but have all spare parts for the cannons if needed. Retail $85 x 3 = $255

3 x Hammer head tanks with all spare parts to make the sky rays if needed. Retail $60 x 3 = $180

2 x  Sunshark Bombers with parts to make the other variant if needed. Retail $65 x 2 = $130

Squad of Pathfinders and drones Retail $35

3 Crisis suits primed in farsight red colors. Retail $60

Looking to get $350 for the lot which is a steal fully painted. Retail was $660 so nearly 50% off and its all fully painted and based. 

PM me for pictures. 


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