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Several older BloodBowl things and other randomness...


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I have the following items that I would love to trade for some T'au or Daemons or Death Guard. (Or if you want to make me a cash offer, feel free):

Old School Blood Bowl

The previous edition of Blood Bowl, includes all the Human and Orc models, board, dugouts, templates, Death Zone with all of the special play cards and star player cards.  Pretty much includes everything except the dice (no idea where they ran off to), the box, and the front cover of the blood bowl book (back cover and death zone front and back have ripped off but are there.

Really Old School Blood Bowl

The 2nd? edition of the game, complete with Astrogranite™ field, endzone cards, dugouts all 16 human players, all 16 orc players and templates.  Also includes the Dungeon Bowl field, with many many trap, trampoline and teleport squares, all 16 elf players and 15 dwarf players.  There are no rules for wither of these, but you do get the dungeon bowl doors and spiky balls, also tons of corridors to make the dungeon whatever shape you want.  Theres a bunch of star player cards and re-roll tokens in there too.

Mordheim Box Set

Buildings are unpunched except a couple of bits which became punched when picking up. Sprues are unpunched except for a couple of bits which punched themselves (included), one partially built/primed skaven (included) and one partially built/painted treasure chest (included). (THERE MIGHT BE ONE SKAVEN ARM MISSING!) Also not included (because I haven't found it yet) is the Mordheim rulebook.  If and when I find it, it will make its way to you. The box is included, but has some damage. Bases can probably be scrounged up to include also.

Halfling Blood Bowl Team -Sold! Thanks Dan!

My first team, from ages ago. 2 Treemen, 10 halflings.  One of them is a star player model IIRC and there is a custom chainsaw loony made from a squat chainsword arm.

Goblin Blood Bowl Team

15 Metal BB Gobbos

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

12 Metal Dwarfs, 2 Trollslayers, 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners and 6 Blockers

Random Chaos Dwarfs

2 Metal Big Hat Blunderbusses 1 front rank, 1 back rank,  4 different metal Hobgoblins and the bottom half of Hthhark (sic) the Unstoppable.


I will add more as I come across it.  I would like to deal locally if possible, I live in Gresham.  I can also probably make to at least one day of the OFCC if that's easier.

Edit: Sold Halflings

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