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H:Circle (Hordes) W: 40k, Grymkin, $$$


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I have the following Circle:

Baldur the Stonecleaver-assembled unpainted 9.99
Baldur the Stonesoul-Painted 14.99
Bradigus thorle the Rune-painted 34.99
Cassius the Oathkeep & Tree-assembled unpainted 30.99
Kaya the moon & Laris-Kaya - primed black, Laris painted 24.99
Kromac the ravenous-unassembled 29.99
Krueger the Stormwrath-new in box 13.99

Feral Warpwolf- painted 24.99 (I think his arm is a little goofy or backwards, may be fixable, reduced price)
Gorax - unassembled 18.99
Gnarlhorn -painted 34.99
Pureblood warpwolf- painted 34.99
Warpwolf Stalker- painted 34.99
Unassembled Warpwolf-unassembled 34.99
wold guardian-painted 27.99
Wold Watcher-painted 14.99
Woldwyrd x2-one painted one not 19.98
woldwarden x2-one painted one primed black 55.98
Megalith- older model mostly there priced half off 29.995
Argus x2 -one painted one primed black 29.98
Extreme Warpwolf $50

Druid Overseer - assembeled primed 10.99
Druid Stoneward & woldstalkers- assembeled primed 24.99
Druids of Orboros - assembeled primed 34.99
Sentry Stone & mannikins-assembeled partially painted 16.99
Stone Keeperx2-one painted one not 19.98
Tharn Blood Pack- unassembled 54.99
shifting stones x4-two sets painted two sets not 47.96
Wolf rider (3) – painted 50

Blackclad Wayfarer-painted, arm is not on 12.99
Druid Wilder- one painted one not 15.98
Gallows Grove x2-one painted one not 49.98
Lord of the Feast- unassembled12.99 12.99

Woldwrath- painted 129.99

Total retail $1056

Looking for $500 shipped.

A Necron Offer

Grymkin + cash

Dark Eldar X $$$

10x Wyches

6x Reavers

10x Helllions
2x Ravagers
1x Venom
Voidraven Bomber 

and Cash.

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