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LF Empty Starter Boxes


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 Don't know how well this will turn out, but if anyone can help. I would appreciate it.

 Looking for empty starter boxes from various sets, as I piece them together for my collection, my goal is to get all of the pieces to each set, build them, and paint them in my chapter colors [Aurora Chapter] vs the xenos/enemies in each box. I own most of the models, I just need the boxes in the best condition I can find.

Need :
 Battle for MacCragge
 Assault on Black Reach
 Betrayal at Calth
 Burning of Prospero
 Dark Imperium
 Space Marine Megaforce box
...the Knights 2 pack box and the Flyers box.

I don't know all of the sets out there, so others would be considered.

FYI, I am in Gresham, and disabled, without a car, so meeting is difficult.

Thanks for your time.


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