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Have a bunch of stuff on eBay for sale. eBay auctions ending on Sunday, 3/29/2014 at 2:00 PM PST.


eBay Auctions include the following:
Dwarfs - Doomseekers and Slayers
DoW - Bearmen of Urslo, metal Hobgoblins
Empire - Flagellants
Warriors of Chaos - Limited edition Chaos Battle Standard Bearer, metal Lord Crom and Chaos Nurgle Heroes, metal Marauders, metal Warhounds

Chaos Space Marine - Thousand Sons Squad, FW Thousand Sons Rhino Doors, FW Thousand Sons Dreadnaught
Adepta Sororitas - Battle Sisters, Seraphims
Space Marine - 2008 Gamesday Space Marine Captain, metal Scouts
Tau - Broadside

Also have the following stuff for trade:

Looking to trade off odds and ends, and hope to pick up some stuff to finish off current projects.
Trade retail for retail.

Have list:


1 metal Cadian HQ Commander (bare metal)
1 metal Cadian HQ Master Vox-Caster (bare metal)
3 metal Cadian Lt, 3rd edition (bare metal)
1 metal Cadians w Meltaguns, 3rd edition (bare metal)
8 metal Cadians w Flamers, 3rd edition (bare metal)

2 Forge World Chaos Renegade Rogue Psykers (NIB)
3 Forge World Chaos Renegade Militia Weapon Arms packs (NIB)
20 plastic Cadian legs (bare plastic)
10 plastic Catachan legs (bare plastic)

20 plastic Catachans (NoS, minus Laspistol arms)

11 metal Jump Packs (bare metal)
metal Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack (baremetal)
SM Captain w Storm Bolter/PW (bare metal)
3 metal Dreadnaughts, various weapon arms (stripped metal)
Space Marine Predator (NIB)

2 metal GK Justicar w Halberds (bare metal)
3 metal GK w Incinerator (bare metal)
metal Inquisitor Eversor Assassin (bare metal)

2 Ork War Trukks (NIB)
3 Ork Wartrakks (NoS)
3 Ork Warbuggies (NoS)


5 cavalry, resin square timber bases
6 50mm, resin square timber bases
50 20mm, resin square timber bases

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket and 2 crew (bare metal)

10 Gors, current edition (NIB)

10 metal Chaos Marauder Horsemen, previous edition (bare metal/plastic)

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Movement trays:
24 4x2 25mm
6 2x1 40mm

Want list:
metal can be in any condition but must be complete, plastic/resin has to be NoS or NIB

50+ 20mm slotted square bases

1 metal Tallarn Sgt w Plasma Pistol/Sword
4 metal Valhallan Heavy Weapon gunner legs
5+ metal Lascannon Gun Carriage

2 metal Chaos Spawns
metal Huron Blackheart
Soul Grinder

2+ Sisters of Battle Immolators

2+ metal Dwarf Gyrocopter, previous edition that has 3 rotors

10+ metal High Elf Archers, no command

Thanks for looking

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