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H: Infinity Aleph, Ariadna, YuJing W: YuJing, Cash


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I have a bunch of models I would like to trade or sell (trade list at the bottom). Pm me for offers or pics (unable to attach here and can't figure out how to free up space); 

Have Ariadna: (assembled and partially painted) - $45 Shipped for everything

Wulver Mk12
Wulver Shotgun
Wulver ccw
Wulver T2 rifle
William Wallace
Uxia McNeill twin assault pistols
Tank hunter with missile launcher conversion
Irmadhino with chain rifle 
Irmadhino with rifle

Have Aleph Steel Phalanx: (assembled and primed). Includes the starter, plus characters, Myrmidons, etc. - $120 shipped for everything. Some minis not pictured.

Myrmidon officer
Myrmidon Spitfire
Myrmidon Hacker
Myrmidons x 4 
Agema ML
Thorakatai LRL
Thorakatai combi
Thorakatai chain rifle
Ekdromoi combi - assembled, not primed
Diomedes - assembled not primed
Dasyus Hacker - nib
Danavas Hacker with Karkata - nib

Have Yu Jing (new, unassembled): $6 each + shipping
Guilang with rifle
Hac Tao ML
Ninja hacker
Shang Ji combi lft
Hsien hmg (old version)
Daofei hmg (old version)
Tiger soldier combi (red veil)
Yam Hao dual missile

Have JSA:: $6 each + shipping

Yuriko - Assembled, primed
Oniwaban -Assembled, primed
Domaru - BSG from old starter - Assembled, primed
Oniwaban - NIB
Keisotsu x 2 - NIB
Shinobe - NIB
Mech Engineer - Assembled, primed

Haves Misc (new, unassembled)
Anaconda pilot
Fast Pandas x 2
Classified deck - sealed
Classified deck - open, like new

Beyond Red Veil
Wu Ming HRL
Garuda (new versions)
Naga Minelayer
Motorcycle Bounty Hunter 
Kuang Shi (new version)
Bashi Bazouk shotgun new
Bashi Bazouk sub machine new
New hassasin starter
Tuareg Hacker (either version)
Al Fasid HRL
Marghariba Guard either version
Aconticimento Starter new version
Tech Bee & Crab Bot

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