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H: SM, DE, full painted OK, HE // W: $$


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Ogre Kingdoms Army - $550 http://imgur.com/a/CZdQ5 - I apologize for the picture quality. They were taken with a potato.

-Tabletop quality army that comes with: magnetized bases/trays, OK spell cards, OK spiral-bound rulebook

1x Slaughtermaster (HW/IF)

2x Butchers (Reaper minis line)

1x Bruiser BSB (Imperial Maneater conversion - banner magnetized to base for easy transport)

9x Ironguts (full command)

8x Bulls (full command)

2x3 Mournfang Cavalry (two separate units - 2 musicians, 1 banner)

3x Sabretusks (2x Reaper minis line)

6x Maneaters (5 actual ME's, 1 Tyrant-acting-as-Maneater - Ninja, Arabia, Paymaster, Pirate Captain, He-she ME's present)

1x Stonehorn w/ride (chaintrap)


Notes: The basing will need a few minor touchups along the model bases and trays (if you continue to use them) from gradual wear and tear. The army itself is sold as a whole, and will not under any circumstance be parted out. This is non-negotiable.  Would also prefer to not have to ship these, if possible, but arrangements can be made.



Have, new in box:

2x Space Marine Devastator Squad boxes (5 man squad per box) - 25.00/ea
1x Space Marine Tactical Squad boxes (New-style, 10 man squad per box) - 30.00
1x Space Marine Commander box - 15.00
1x Space Marine Command Squad box - 25.00

Dark Eldar:
2x Dark Eldar Wyches (10 man squad per box) - 20.00/ea
1x Dark Eldar Hellions (5 man squad per box) - 15.00

GK :
Lord Kaldor Draigo Finecast blister - 15.00

Cryptek Finecast blister - 15.00

High Elves:
High Elf Lord on Star Dragon - 35.00
1x Silver Helms (8 man squad box) - 25.00
2x High elf Warrior regiment (16 man squad per box - makes either Spearmen or Lothern Sea Guard) - 20.00/ea

1x Vengeance Weapon Battery (Punisher/Battle cannon sentry gun) from the Wall of Martyrs set - 35.00

OOP / Assembled / Unpainted

High Elves:
Mage on foot (sword/fireball in hand) - 10.00
Noble on foot (shield/BSB) - 10.00
14x White Lions of Chrace (9 new plastics, full command - 5 old metal) - 25.00
12x Spearmen/lothern sea guard (bows on back - easy to pop off) - 15.00

Note : OOP/Assembled models are 'AS IS' - gray and unpainted, but glued together. None have been abused or are damaged, but will require a bit of cleanup prior to painting/basing.

Misc. Collectors:

3rd/4th Edition Codices : Tyranids, Eldar, Orks - 15/ea

WH40k 5th Collectors Edition (2750 of 4000) rulebook - 75




Want the whole of the NIB allotment? 275 + shipping and it's yours - this price is firm
Want the whole of the OOP allotment? 45 + shipping and it's yours - this price is firm

Shipping: Generally 5-15 dollars, depending on the size of what it is you're buying out. Will be shipped USPS with tracking number included within 24 hours of payment confirmation.


Local to Salem? Pickup/dropoff available (within reason :P)



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