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Done, army is gone, thanks.


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Hi All,

I am looking to get rid of a few armies I don't play anymore and I have a large cygnar lot that I would like to sell.  Total at current prices this army is over 1400 MSRP, now I didn't pay retail for it and don't expect others to as well.  The entire army is painted, except for two models that are unassembled and a group of devil dogs are partially painted.  There are several multi part jack kits that are magnetized (2 ironclad kits, 1 avenger kit) and the whole thing comes in a battlefoam warmachine case.  Also there is a hard pistol case with foam that house the stormstrider and storm wall.  I am looking for a 500 for the whole army and don't intend to part out.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is a link to my image gallery.



Here is a full model list.

Stryker3 in box
Kickstarter special Allison Jake's
 Stryker 1
 Stryker 2
 Nemo 1
 Nemo 2
 Nemo 3
 Haley 1 (old)
 Haley 2
 siege 1
 Kraye 1
Caine 2
Gorman di wulfe
Piper of ord
Reinhardt goblin
Archduke Runewood 
Gun mage Captain x2
Storm callers x3
Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Eyrisss 2
Captain Jonas Murdoch
Sword knight full +ua
Storm knight +ua+2 gunners
Hammerfall dwarves full (Forgegaurd)
Nyss hunters full
Half Painted Devil dogs (Min Unit)
3x storm Lance's
Gun mages+ua
Hunter x2
Metal centurion
Metal stormclad
Magnetized plastic jack kit x2 (iron clad kit)
Magnitized plastic plastic centurion kit
Storm wall with storm pods
Storm strider
Battlfoam warmachine bag
Hard case for storm strider and storm wall
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