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3D Printers & Their Printer For Hire?

Tao Tsê-Mung

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There’s a lot of really cool stls being made out there by various folks but I don't have the space or funds to invest in a 3d printer. But it looks like there’s a few of you gents who are pretty experienced with them.

So I’m curious if anyone’s interested in printing some stuff for a fee? And generally what it would cost to print them in resin for the better detail?

The stuff I’m looking at is all dreadnought/battlesuit sized stuff and the files are all cleaned/supported/etc by the folks creating them. Not just random junk from thingyverse.

Any thoughts would be great! With prices on all the bits rising I’m trying to compare 3D printing to kitbashing, ebay rescues are always such a time sink, etc.

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