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Getting out of 40K and loving Kill Team so getting rid of extras

Mint Necron Codex
opened once  mint Necron Data Cards
Mint Core rulebook
1 NIB Necron Overlord
1 NIB Lokhurst heavy destroyer
2 NIB Tomb Blades
1 NIB Ghost Ark
2 NIB Canoptek Spyder
1 NoS Canoptek Spyder
1 NoS Doom Scythe
1 NoS Triarch Stalker
9 NoS Necron Warriors W/ Scarabs  
2 NoS `Destroyers
1 NoS Cryptek( (riding scarab)
1  very well assembled Skorpekh Lord
1  very well assembled Plasmancer
1  very well  partially assembled Canoptek Doom Stalker

Looking for NIB or NoS please Willing to negotiate if well assembled and unpainted/primed 
1 Kill Team - Pariah Nexus full box do not need literature only want figures and terrain 
1 box Grey Knights Strike Squad
1 box Plague Marines
1 Plague Marine Icon Bearer
1 box Rubric Marines
1 Infernal Master
1 box Chaos Space Marines
2 boxes Fire Warriors 
2 boxes XV25 Stealth Battle Suits
1 box Pathfinder Team



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