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how to repair finecast broken weapons?

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I've been holding off on working on my gw lord of the rings finecast models...but thought I would try again.


Q1: Looking for advice on fixing broken gw lotr finecast weapons. Is there a good way?

  • They seem too small to pin back together; maybe using really small diameter paper clip.
  • Just using ca glue seems like they would still be brittle.
  • Drilling them out and re-sculpting out of metal or greenstuff seems like work.
  • Other ideas?


Q2: Besides not using finecast models in the first place, is there a method to make them stronger before painting so they are less prone to breaking? I was thinking of coating them with liquid greenstuff or ca glue prior to priming to make them stronger.


Example of what I'm looking at in the image.


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I got a chance to try this. It worked. Thanks!

I had to wait ~1 hr for the epoxy to become tacky enough after being mixed before applying so that the two model parts could remain fixed in place without supports. But once "glued" they are solid and I'm was able to clean up any spill overs with blade and fine sand paper.


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