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At The Razors Edge - The Hellcats conquest of Cassandra's Reach


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A single spotlight pierced the poisonous smog as an antique vessel descended cautiously into the gloom. A hiss of steam and and the groan of metal announced the opening of a pressurized hatch. The cargo bays lighting was broken by two silhouettes as Gigi and Juls stepped off the freighters ramp onto the edge of fallen bridge.

"Thanks Tenk" Gigi waved into the ship, "We'll call when wera ready for reinforcements."

A pack of hive rats scurried into the darkness as the ships engines went from a whine to a roar. The twins and their crew finished disembarking. The craft alighted and disappeared quickly into the murky clouds above. As soon as it was silent a shadowy figure dropped from the girders above.

Jules growled.

"Lax, sis, it's just our new runt," Gigi said reassuringly.

Out of the darkness stepped Sparks followed by her scaly reptiline companion.

"Where da boss?" Sparks inquired.

"Kira be round later. We are bossing this op for now." Gigi replied with a grin.

"What have you found here, child?" Jules demanded.

"It doesn't seem much so far. Lot of rats, scrap, and a few rad ghouls. But there must be somethin' big down 'ere. A lot of new jacks have been showing up in the last few days. I even saw a couple of loose Ogryn bullyboys wanderin' round. Rumor 'as it that even the big boss Helmawr has some agents poking around."

"Sump stink!", Jules cursed, "Just great. Kira did not warn us about this drek. At least it can be as bad as the slagfire we left behind in Deathcap."

A burst of sparks fire off the rusting steel behind them. The sound of metal slugs broke the stillness.

Sparks and Icks disappeared back into the dark. The twins armed their plasma pistols and drew their poison laced stilettos.

Jules called out. "Take cover! Suppressive fire on targets!

She charged into the fray....

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My Esher gang is the survivors of the Deathcap Junction campaign. They escaped just as everything was burning down aboard one of the freighters owned by Alizarin Conclave. Their allies are cold traders who trade in slaves, xenos beasts and the occasional xenos artifact. Based on their alliance and conduct in Deathcap Junction they are attempting to hide out in the reach as outlaws.

My list to start: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/hellcats.217555/

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