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Clash at Cassandra's Reach - Cycle 1 Scenario "Loot Box Mayhem" Ordo Fanaticus Necromunda Campaign Chapter 1 (Fall 2021)


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+Loot Box Mayhem+ Basic Scenario

Word has gotten out that the old hive prospector Stinky Pete Fungstiein has found a storage cache of loot! Best to grab what you can before everybody else strips the place


Set up a 3x3' Sector Mechanicus play area (32"x32" approved as well . Place dense terrain along the edges leaving an approx 12" sq open area in the center.  This open area should have lots of scatter to represent an old warehouse staging area.

Loot crates are used in this scenario.  Place 1 loot crate in the center of the board.  Each player then takes it in turn to place another loot crate 6" (not less than or more than) of another loot crate, until a total of 7 crate are on the board.


This scenario uses Custom Selection (5) to determine crew. The players simply choose the 5 fighter they wish to use in the scenario.


Tactics cards are not used in this scenario.


Each player should roll a d6 to determine choice of board edge. The other player will deploy from the opposite edge. The player that won the roll to choose board edge sets up all their participating fighters within 4in of their board edge on any level. The other player then sets up all their participating fighters within 4in of their board edge on any level.

Infiltration is not used for this scenario.


The objective for this scenario is to open or take as many crates as possible.  A fighter may perform an Open(Basic) action while in base contact to open a crate and collect d3x5 credits, then remove the crate from the board. Alternatively a fighter may perform a Drag(single) action while in base contact to drag a crate 4". Drag a crate within 4" of your starting board edge and the fighter may flee the battle with the crate. Crates taken in this manner may be opened in the post battle phase for d3x10 credits. If you have a crate in hand when the enemy team bottles then you can crack it for the lower value, but unclaimed crates were left behind.


The scenario lasts until one gang has no fighters on the board.


Everyone wins in this scenario!


Each fighter that took part in the scenario earns 1XP. 

Any fighter that directly takes another fighter out of action earns 1XP (as Standard)

Any fighter that drags a crate off the board earns 1XP

Any fighter taken Out of Action will roll on the lasting injury table but will adjust any roll of 61-65 Critical Injury & 66 Memorable Death to that of 31-45 Grievous Injury - Into Recovery.

(Arbitrators Note: The intent of this scenario is to create a introductory game that won't punish new or rusty players. Thus no ganger death this early in the campaign That would just suck)

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