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Ordo Fanaticus Necromunda Campaign Chapter 1 (Fall 2021) -Open Hive War Missions


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As the campaign keeps moving along I'll be focusing the "Cycle Scenarios" to be more narrative focused. The rewards from Cycle Scenarios will be more thematic to move the story along. Maybe it's some kind of one time boon, or a soft reward such as a favor from a grateful settler. 

As such players should use the published rulebook or Gang Raid missions for "normal" games, or better yet use the amazing openhivewar.com to generate the mission. 

Rewards however need to adjusted to fit the current chapter.  Any credit rewards should use (x5) rather than (x10) multipliers.

ex "The winning gang adds 2d6x10 to their stash" should be adjusted to 2d6x5.  

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