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W: Wood Elves, MTG, ? H: Tyranids, OOP Lizardmen, OOP Orks

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After getting some Wood Elves in a recent trade I am looking to complete the army and make it playable. Older Wood Elf models are preferred. I am looking for pretty much any Wood Elves though, including the new army book.




-Glade Guard/Scouts

-Glade Riders

-Forest Dragon


-Glade Riders with spears (the old metal ones)


-Any other Wood Elves...


-MTG (decks, singles, or collections)




-Plastic Winged Hive Tyrant (Primed white and magnetized)

-30ish Hormagaunts (NOS/primed white)

-30ish Termagants (NOS/primed white)

-3 Raveners (unassembled, primed white)

-1 finecast Hive Guard (primed white)

-6 Metal Gargoyles (NIB)


-Slaan Mage-Priest (OOP metal, held aloft by Temple Guard, unpainted)

-4 Kroxigor (OOP metal, a few editions old, painted)

-20 Saurus Warriors (OOP Plastic, painted)

-32 Skinks with short bows (OOP Plastic, mix of painted and not)


15 Slugga Boyz (OOP Plastics, unpainted)

30 Gretchin (OOP Plastics, unpainted)


I'm in the Olympia area and can meet up locally or ship. PM or post if interested. Thanks!

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