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  1. I'll have to check out TTS. I've been using Universal Battle 2 for most of my WHFB games over the past few years but more options is never a bad thing! TTS definitely looks better than UB2 lol
  2. Really? I tried OPR several times and thought it was very boring and bland. Too many units were too similar, even between factions. It's definitely easier to play and learn than any edition of 40k though.
  3. 7e core book with 6e army books is the way! I've been playing this for a few years. It's a ton of fun. Shame I can only find one person to play with, lol. We'll be playing a WHFB game on Friday of OFCC this year, any Fantasy players should come say hi!
  4. Same here, I'll help however I can. OFCC is the peak Warhammer gaming experience!
  5. I think 7th ed was the best edition. My group recently started playing 7th again and we haven't had this much fun with 40k in years! 7th ed Maelstrom Missions are a ton of fun and we get to play with things like blast templates and vehicle armor values again. 7th ed formations can get a little silly but as long as nobody is trying to be a beardy git then we have a good time.
  6. It's a really fun way to play 7th ed without the power creep. The core rule changes from 6th to 7th were all good ones in my opinion. 4 wide ranks looks weird to me lol. I agree on 9th age. I would rather play an old edition with the books I have rather than learn an entirely new system.
  7. I've never played 5th edition, but I recently found an unpunched 5th ed Warhammer Magic set in my storage. Maybe I'll have to give that a try if I can track down the army books I need. Let's do our best to revive the fantasy forums!
  8. I have been playing 7th ed core rules using only 6th ed army books, and I've been loving it. 6th ed army books are pretty balanced with each other and 7th ed core rules tighten up a few things from 6th. It's basically 6th edition with 5 wide ranks and more clear combat rules lol. Anyone in Vancouver want to play some 6th ed Fantasy? I live in Orchards, and have two tables with fully painted terrain. Still working on getting my armies painted though. I don't mind driving for a game either.
  9. I have 3 sets of the weapons you're looking for, NOS and unpainted. PM sent!
  10. I have a few sets of GF9 Galactic Warzone desert buildings and walls. They're prepainted and in good condition. They were a little small for 40k so they've only been used a handful of times. I can take actual pics of the collection if you're interested, let me know!
  11. I'll take it! I'm local in Vancouver.
  12. I've been looking for WHFB players for a while! I've been trying to play 6th ed (my favorite edition) but I could settle for 8th ed. I'm a very casual player with Lizardmen and High Elves. Not interested in 9th age. Are you near Portland/Vancouver?
  13. I have a box of old Wood Elves laying around. I think I have 20ish metal Dryads, 2 metal Treemen, old school Orion, Glade Riders, and Warhawk Riders. They're in rough shape but it's nothing a little simple green can't fix! I'll dig out the box and try to get some exact numbers later.
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