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  1. Have you played Cities: Skylines? It's supposedly Sim City but much better. I haven't played it but have heard good things. My wife really likes playing Banished. It's a civilization builder with no military component. It might be what you're looking for... though I haven't played this one either.
  2. I think its "Owlcat Games", and yes it is on steam for $40. There are still quite a few bugs but I think this game is well worth full retail for fans of BG. It feels like a spiritual successor to BG 1 and 2.
  3. I've been playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. This game is so good! It plays like Baldur's Gate but with Pathfinder rules (based on D&D 3.5). Highly recommended for fans of the party based isometric RPG genre.
  4. I have TONS of bits from almost every army. If you still need guns after talking to the other guys let me know!
  5. I played against the four Knight list this year. I had never played against pure Knights before so I jumped at the opportunity. It was one of my better OFCC games this year... and I had five excellent games! Please bring Will back next year πŸ‘
  6. My Howling Banshees killed a Shadowsword in the assault phase! They then died to a model from the resulting explosion. Sure it only had one wound left but that's hardly relevant 😁
  7. I have an assembled and primed black Hydra that's literally gathering dust. I'd be happy to sell it ($30?) or trade it. I have the Wyvern bits too.
  8. Here's what I have left to paint: Eldrad 5 Warlocks 30 Guardian Defenders 10 Storm Guardians 6 Jetbikes Wave Serpent 3 War Walkers 5 Wraithguard At least it's all assembled and primed πŸ˜…
  9. @PumpkinHeadCan I make it up to you by loaning you my Baneblade again? πŸ˜‚
  10. My OFCC Eldar army for this year could kill 40 Necron Warriors in one turn with shooting if my entire army is in range, I had Doom cast on one unit of Warriors, Guide cast on my unit of 20 Guardians, and I had average rolling. The chances of getting 50 models within 12" range are slim so I dont think my army is a good example lol. Guardians are surprisingly good at short range.
  11. My goal with this army was to have an Eldar force that looks like something you'd see on a Games Workshop store table circa 2002. I think I nailed it. Craftworld UlthwΓ© - Battalion Detachment HQ Farseer - Doom, Executioner, Warlord, Ghosthelm of Alishazier Farseer - Guide, Fortune Warlock Conclave - 4 Warlocks with Witchblades, 2 with Singing Spears Protect/Jinx, Empower/Enervate Troops 10 Guardian Defenders - Weapons Platform: Aeldari Missile Launcher 20 Guardian Defenders 10 Storm Guardians - 2 Fusion Guns Elites 5 Wraithguard - Wraithcannons Fast Attack 10 Swooping Hawks - Exarch with Hawk's Talon and Power Sword 6 Jetbikes - 2 Shuriken Cannons Heavy Support Fire Prism - Crystal Targeting Matrix 3 War Walkers - 2 Scatter Lasers each Wraithlord - Bright Lance, Flamer, Shuriken Catapult Dedicated Transports Wave Serpent - Twin Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon (transports the Storm Guardians or Wraithguard) Total: 2,000 points
  12. Have you considered paying the extra CP for a second Relic each game? Then you can take Laurels of Command AND the Blade of Conquest! 1 CP is a small price to pay for proper equipment on such a formidable character. Plus you'll have plenty thanks to Grand Strategist.
  13. That looks like exactly the kind of Necron army I want to see across the table from me at OFCC. Great list!
  14. Actually there is no "Force Organization Chart" style restriction. Just that your army comes from a single detachment (see other quote below). I think this is the best way to run it as many old school forces changed the Force Organization Chart - Saim-Hann Eldar, Steel Legion IG, etc. My 4th ed Ulthwe Seer Council requires 3 HQ slots (which Battalion Detachments have) so I'm happy πŸ˜€
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