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W: Eldar sword warlocks


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I've got 1, looking to acquire 9 more so I can field an entire squad of 10 infantry warlocks with swords.



Metal or finecast is fine. I'd also appreciate suggestions on where to buy this many warlocks from a company.


I can offer trade, depending on your interests. I can also offer cash, but I'm too cheap to offer more than $3 per model.


PM for trades/sales. For suggestions or questions, reply to thread. Thanks.

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Guardians plus high elf bits?

DE wyches have those globe heads, so one of the common conversions is guardians with those heads. Storm guardian bits, if your ambitious, would make it very easy, but there should be enough sword arms available between 40k and fantasy for elves. That would be the classic conversion.


DE fantasy Executioners, would be pretty awesome, I think, and those come in a 10-pack anyway. Might want to putty over some of the skulls with eldar gems and maybe sand the shoulders smooth...


Another temptation is Warmahordes with either Retribution House Shyeel Battlemages (need to add swords, but they look the part) or one of the Blighted Nyss Legion units.


As for the pistols, I think the easiest method all around would be to just add a pistol in the holster from one of my SM kits.

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