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Last Qualifiers for US Masters 2014

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I thought it might be helpful to let everyone know the last three qualifiers for the US Masters for 2014.


Ham Slamwich is currently full, so if you're not registered or don't have a 1-day tournament score for 2014 then unfortunately you are not eligible to qualify for the 2014 Masters.


For those of you who have been to a 1-day event (SPDMs 3 and 4, OFCC Open or Ham Slamwich), SPDM 5 is the final 2-day event of the year that can earn you a spot to the King of Cascadia Invitational and automatic spot in the US Masters squad.


The King of Cascadia tournament is divided up into two parts: the invitational for the top 8 players, and the open "Hero of Cascadia" for everyone else. The winner of the Hero of Cascadia earns the 9th spot on the Masters squad and the highest ranked player in the region (not counting the 9 who have already qualified) after this event picks up the 10th spot.


Paul (the NW region advisor) and myself are working on figuring out exactly what the qualifiers will look like for next year. Some of that will be based on how many GTs the Oregon community is running, which in turn is based on the upcoming Ordo elections. Once I have a complete picture, I will post it.


US Masters is Feb 21-22, 2015, and the first qualifier for the 2015 season will be the Black Sheep Brawl.





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