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Numenera Kickstarter re-kickstarted.


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So with the release of the "boxed" set of numenera in Italy Monty and the crew decided to do a Kickstarter for the rest of us to get in on the action.


This is a pretty decent little kickstarter. They've taken the base book and split it out into "players, gm's, settings, and adventures" books so 4 in total now. But its still the same info as in the original hardbound book. (well stretch goals not withstanding cause they will be adding to the books as stretch goals are achieved)


If you're thinking about getting started with Numenera (which you should cause its awesome) check out the kickstarter.


Numenera Kickstarter

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The cool thing about The Strange is the ability to turn most settings into a recursion. 


My group started with the Outbreak Undead System. It was very easy to convert it to The Strange and then have them jump to a different recursion. 


This book has a bunch of recursion ideas and new foci that I would suspect might translate to Numenera: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/140376/The-Translation-Codex?filters=0_0_45193_0_0


Marcalla, How's your Numenera game going?

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So far so Good, we've been playing for about 3 months now so round 9-10 sessions the group is about midway through tier 2 with some extra's here and there. (they took the petrified brain from one of the book adventures and using an artifact control cypher and some exp turned it into the nano's companion. (so floating psychic brain pet) We haven't done much overall adventure plotlines, but have completed several small adventures and some general exploration.


So far the game is going good, we're getting a feel for the system and thats allowing for more Role playing.


Some of the things we've discussed recently is a change in spending 1 xp for a re-roll. we don't like that (as we tend to still roll low) so were flirting with having that add 10 to the current roll. I also give "re-rolls" (non exp versions) when players roll a natural 1. I've always been of the mindset that instead of rewarding the additional reward of rolling a natch 20 that players who fail miserably deserve some form of learning so a simple re-roll not usable on that roll has been pretty nice, Plus I get to "intrude" for free anyway soo...


With all the 1's rolled by the group I have found it hard to interject intrusions into the game as I tend to get 5-6 freebies per session already.


One of the thing's we've been experimenting more with lately is altering powers per scene via XP. Its been pretty handy for the PC's especially when increasing the range of an acid spew, or splitting out  single beam type weapon to hit multi targets at reduced damage/range.


Another thing I've added is the ability for non glaves to get familiarity with weapon groups at 3xp per and that has been a bit helpful as well.


Our group just recently went to an orbital station via a tether transport system. But being adventures nobody thought to bring some form of radiation protection and thus the two formerly pure strain humans (we had two mutants already) are now mutated thanks to the ambient rads in the facility. The funny thing is they still haven't really figured out what has mutated them or how to counter act it even though "brainy" (the pet) has dropped some hints for em. They are of the opinion that its just not safe to go back up there. They'll get it though I imagine. especially when they come across some protective gear for sale soon. lol



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Just to let you know, the stretch goals are rackin up. They're up to like 90K. Currently that means cloth map, dice, char gen cheet sheet cards, Character sheet pads, XP cards, Adventure Cards (build your own encounters) commissioned cover art and "glimmers" (mini expansions 2-3 pages) added to GM and Adventure book. At the 100K lvl the cloth map gets double sided with the full contenent.


All in all this is looking like a fab deal at 120. I've considered the mega 350 deal which gives you a subscription to all products for 2015 and a copy of the cypher core system book (new generic system book) to be released plus the world book which should be a 60-70 dollar book as well as at least one more "big" book and like 5 smaller expansion books.

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