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  1. I finished my grad studies in Michigan right as the pandemic hit and so I moved back here just in May. So yes! And this time I am sticking around
  2. I'd like to get back into Tabletop wargames in general again
  3. I love HGB! I am going to check this all out! It looks awesome
  4. 5th edition is a great gate way game to a lot of other games. Its a great way to get back into the hobby and back into RPGs. However if it grows into a constant thing, and people are really liking playing, I think you do yourself a disservice by not checking out other games and systems.
  5. These look amazing! I will definitely be watching this closely. Id love to have some myself.
  6. It looks amazing, but it does have a lack of battle damage.
  7. My group has been using Discord for communication and Roll20 for maps and combat. I have a lot of macros and shortcuts set up to run the game smoothly in a VTT setting. I like it, it takes a little more prep work but its really rewarding. I have also started messing around with writing character sheet codes. I have always been a huge fan of creating codes for things like encounter generators and so running a game behind the computer allows me to use them actively
  8. What happened to Paxmiles?
  9. Hell Let Loose 11/10 Love the game. Its a realistic WW2 first person shooter. A warfare simulator. Each team has squads and a commander with a person being able to communicate to squad leaders and locally nearby players while squad leads can communicate with squad leads and commanders. Combat is based on sector control. So battles will move back and forth across rather large maps. Both teams have tanks/artillery/airplanes (you cant fly the airplanes just call in airstrikes/strafing runs). Requires a lot of team playing along with strategic thinking, setting up spawn points, building resource nodes, setting up barbed wire, anti-tank guns, sandbags. Can't rave about it enough. Super fun game. It really gives you the feel of fighting a battle. Someone wants to squad up with me let me know.
  10. Seemed strange that Rey could sense Chewie on the Star Destroyer but couldn't sense him on the transport.
  11. Well what I mean is there is a pattern that only good force users dissapear into the force, and if his last act was evil why did he dissapear.
  12. I feel kinda gilted, they build up all these character relationships over season 1 and by the final epsiode I felt like there were actually meaningful interactions between them. Then at the end of the last epsiode they just throw it all away and kill/leave all those charactera behind?
  13. I think the movie is like an 8/10 until the scene where they battle at the ruined death star, then after that it quickly falls to like a 3/10 for an overall 5.5/10. There was just so much retconning of the last movie, and the ending scenes just didn't make sense. Everything about palpatines fleet was bad. Why the heck did Rey and Ben kiss? What? Also isn't returning someone to life with the force an evil act?
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