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  1. I'm still actively building and painting a few Team Yankee armies - I really need to get out and play, but Guardian downtown was nearly an hour drive for me on a weeknight - Oregon City is just a bridge too far at this point, sadly. Maybe once the whole COVID things moves on into the dustbin of history we'll be able to find a more central place to play.
  2. I left you a note on Fighting first in the trading area. Most of my MW American stuff is up now and ends on 5/15 - so you'd have to dive in fast. There may be a little more (mostly infantry) coming with the next set that I'll put up next week. Current set is more Normandy/Bulge.
  3. Looks like they're $30 retail now - how about $20 + shipping or I can drop them off to you in the Portland area.
  4. Hey all - more stuff up including Easy Company, Audie Murphy, and a buttload of US stuff. Also, there's only likely to be two more lots after this one - mostly American. I've saved a few choice bits back (mostly German), but if there's something odd you're Jonesing for - let me know.
  5. Gotcha - I also have the Fighting First book and command cards if you're interested.
  6. I've got the Desert Rats and Afrika Korps books. I have the Afrika Korps command cards as well. I don't have Armored Fist, though.
  7. Ahhhh! I think they've only released Normandy for LW British at this point. I'd hope that there'd be at least one more British book before they finish late war.
  8. The WW2 British one? I may have one lying about... will have to check Bunch of OOP Soviet stuff just went up along with some oddballs!
  9. Looking good - I still need to paint up my Soviets... and the rest of my East Germans... Oi!
  10. LW is doing much better than MW at this point. It seems like at least 90% of the range if not more is coming back there. Just a heads up, another set with a lot of OOP is up, including Otto Carius in his Jagdtiger...
  11. I had the same problem - the whole Sicily force was pretty much dropped from the lists in 4th edition. I do have some of the Semovente 105/25 likely coming up in the next set.
  12. Yeah, some of the bids have gone into regions I didn't realize existed... great for my guitar budget though! *lol* LMK if there's anything you're interested in and I'll slide it into the rotation if I have any on the block... there's more coming... 😉
  13. Just added a bunch of OOP German stuff I'm not going to get to.
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