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  1. I didn't see that option when I tried... let me make sure my files are up to date. Thanks!
  2. I should have fortifications and a German force together by sometime in October (likely late)
  3. Aside - I'm still working on my festungskompanie - hope to have it done for October... still need some arty...
  4. Are you referring to the new missions in the U.S. D-day book?
  5. Anyone had any luck getting a Brood Brothers Astra Militarum Detachment to work with Battlescribe? Having a devil of a time...
  6. There may be in the main book, but I've just been going over the basic force lists so far. The list building in the 40K GSC Codex is so obviously I guess I was hoping for something similar in the Apocalypse Datasheets... 40K GSC Codex entry for reference:
  7. So I'm trying to figure out how to port my Genestealer Cult army over to Apocalypse at this point... I generally run a two detachment force, one Genestealer Cult with a separate Brood Brother (Astra Militarum) force to get some heavy guns other other what not. I've been going through the datasheets and didn't see an obvious way of doing this other than simply taking a pure Astra Militarum detachment to go along with the GSC. Thoughts?
  8. Sadly the other omission from the D-Day German books is one of my favorite armies - Panzerabteilung 206... https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2013/01/i-recently-took-beutepanzerkompanie.html
  9. I'm hoping to get back in to playing more one of these days. Part of the problem is I have a lot of stuff going on now that's taking the time I'd be spending on Flames of War - my son's a Boy Scout now, and I'm trying to support him. Also, I've had a run of bad luck with scheduling conflicts for major events. I'm still writing and proofreading for Battlefront. I wrote some of the Oil Wars text, a lot of the new Fate of a Nation text, I'm in the MW German books as well. Looking back, though, I miss coming out to play and there being 8, 10, or more players on gaming night or in the playtest group.
  10. In the meantime, here's some Acolyte Hybrids to hopefully make your day... So these are the first miniatures that I've painted using some of the new contrast line paints. I'm not using the contrast paints across the board, but I am using them on several parts of the miniatures. I used Skeleton Horde contrast for the "bone" colored portions of the miniatures, though many of them received at least a light drybrush of Vallejo bone to help blend them a bit. The body harness, knee pads, etc. are straight up Basilicanum Grey contrast which worked very well. The purple highlights are another contrast paint, I believe it was Shyish Purple - though I did have to dilute it a bit to get the shade just right. I also experimented with Snakebite leather for the leather wraps, some of the pouches. The eyes and tongues are a mix of Blood Angels Red and Flesh Tearers Red. I also used some contrast on the whip and the saw as well. Other paints are generally Vallejo colors. The gold metallic is Alclad, and the red lenses on the headgear is also Alclad red clear, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. I'll post more detail photos soon!
  11. I think 2nd edition was probably the high water mark for FoW locally in terms of raw numbers, but early 3rd wasn't much of a drop off. I remember we had several people in our playtest group that worked on the 3rd edition book and a lot of the follow-on books, but over time it gradually dwindled as people moved on to other games/systems.
  12. Honestly not seeing much "good" news there as I don't know anyone actually still playing 3rd edition at this point... 😞
  13. Thank you! Just got a tripod adapter for my smartphone (which has my best video camera) - so I'm going to give a video (likely a series of short videos) a whirl...
  14. Don't see the 21 PD funnies this time around... 😞
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