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  1. Just got the email - Enfilade has been canceled... 😞
  2. I took last week off work to spend some time with my son. He painted a little, I painted a lot. Also worked on his merit badges and such... Here's what I managed to finish up - some were not technically "started" last week, but all were "finished" last week! All hail the cult! 😄
  3. Thanks! I can't tell you how long I've had this one lying around waiting for some paint...
  4. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the motor pool... The Cult "requisitions" an old school Leman Russ Demolisher! More at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/03/old-school-leman-russ-demolisher.html
  5. Another day, more stuff done! Check out the newest editions to the cult! Cult Scout Sentinels which carry on the theme of "50 Shades of Russian Green" in my Astra Militarum themed units! More at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/03/scout-sentinels-for-brood.html#more
  6. It's just another metamorph Monday... What do you mean it's Wednesday already!??!?!??? Crap...Anyway - full squad of 10 hybrid metamorphs for the growing brood. These took me a while to get to where I was happy with them. More info on the blog: http://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/03/genestealer-cult-hybrid-metamorphs.html
  7. I don't think the Hivelord knows about second biomass consumption, Pip....
  8. I still need four to nine more of some variety or another, but meet the defacto leader of my GSC Brood Brothers ratling squad More details at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/03/genestealer-cult-ratling-brood-brother.html#more
  9. Looks pretty cool, but you'd have to motorize it to make something move up/down, and then it still might need a locking mechanism.
  10. Making a movable elevator would be somewhat challenging, but I'd love to see it!
  11. Finally finished the Fragdrill... someone shoot me if I say I want to do a second one... More photos at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/02/finally-finished-fragdrill.html
  12. Thanks!!! I'm unlikely to go to this level on everything... but it does come out pretty nicely. One of these years when I win the lottery and can just paint full time... *lol* 😄
  13. I can now say with absolute certainty - the Tectonic Fragdrill is the most time spent painting per point of the unit I've ever spent... EVER!!! Here's a few "in progress" shots - hoping to get it done in the next few days... More at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/02/work-in-progress-tectonic-fragdrill.html
  14. Need at least 3 for a conversion project. Can anyone hook me up? Have cash...
  15. I tend to go with mostly "purpose built" forces by and large, though I have magnetized a couple of them. Cool thing about my Brood Brothers is I could run them vanilla guard as well if I wanted to.
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