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  1. The LW books so far seem to be better than the MW books. There's a lot more included, and they even did a 21st Panzer Division expansion for the German Normandy books (which I may drag back out at some point).
  2. Bunch of stuff ending today or very early tomorrow - get 'em before they're gone!
  3. <1 hour on the 'Nam infantry and slicks! Get 'em before they're gone!
  4. If you're talking about the old TSR RPG, I may have some of the reprints and even a few old originals lying about... If all else fails you can get it in reprints on the drive thru RPG site: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/226710/Star-Frontiers-Alpha-Dawn
  5. Okay - I know - I wasn't planning on adding another lot... but I had an offline deal fall through and decided to dump a bit more...
  6. Yeah... honestly not sure what happened there! I was shocked... o.O I do have some TY 'Nam stuff up now as well both on ebay and on direct sale in the forum.
  7. I'm still actively building and painting a few Team Yankee armies - I really need to get out and play, but Guardian downtown was nearly an hour drive for me on a weeknight - Oregon City is just a bridge too far at this point, sadly. Maybe once the whole COVID things moves on into the dustbin of history we'll be able to find a more central place to play.
  8. I left you a note on Fighting first in the trading area. Most of my MW American stuff is up now and ends on 5/15 - so you'd have to dive in fast. There may be a little more (mostly infantry) coming with the next set that I'll put up next week. Current set is more Normandy/Bulge.
  9. Just added a bunch of new Normandy/Bulge miniatures today - most OOP, all great sets!
  10. Looks like they're $30 retail now - how about $20 + shipping or I can drop them off to you in the Portland area.
  11. Hey all - more stuff up including Easy Company, Audie Murphy, and a buttload of US stuff. Also, there's only likely to be two more lots after this one - mostly American. I've saved a few choice bits back (mostly German), but if there's something odd you're Jonesing for - let me know.
  12. Gotcha - I also have the Fighting First book and command cards if you're interested.
  13. I've got the Desert Rats and Afrika Korps books. I have the Afrika Korps command cards as well. I don't have Armored Fist, though.
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